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Click Here for Printable Free/Reduced Form


Summer Meals

Canon City High School Cafeteria: Breakfast   8am-9:30am


                                                           Lunch        11am-12:30pm



                Come and enjoy our meals with no charge for

                           children 18 years and younger.






Summer Food Program 2021

Dine in Service at the High School starting May 27th

Breakfast 8-9:30am and Lunch 11-12:30pm

                              Mobile Schedule starting June 2nd

CES           11:00-11:15am

Harrison   11:25-11:40am

McKinley   12:00-12:15pm

Lincoln      12:25-12:45pm


Summer Mobile.jpg























End of Year Food Distribution

Free for children 18 & undermy-plate-healthy-foods-balanced-meals.png

Limit 5 per household 

While supplies last

May 21st    11:45am-1:00pm

Pick up sites:

CES, Washington, CCMS and CCHS                    Rudd Park

Harrison and Mt. View                                      Mt. View Parking Lot

McKinley                                                         Front Entrance

Lincoln                                                            Front Entrance








April 2nd, 16th and 30th are NO SCHOOL FRIDAY.


Harrison 11:00-11:20

High School 11:30-11:50

Lincoln 12:20-12:40

Children 18 years and younger




We are asking all families who think they may qualify for Free or Reduced Meal Benefits to apply NOW. If you qualify you will be guaranteed benefits through October 1, 2021. Applying now will save you the hassle of trying to get it done in August. 

Your application will also help our district secure additional funding to serve our students. Last school year the FRL factor contributed over $1.9 million in additional district funding.

Click 20.21 School Year Income Eligibility Guidelines to see if your income qualifies. 

If you do not have a Payschools account set up (also used to make online meal payments), you will just need to ask your child(s) school for their 10 digit STUDENT NUMBER. You can also get this number by calling 719-276-5813 or 5814.

Once you have that information or if you already have a PaySchools Account, Click Here To Apply For Meal Benefits

                      You can help yourself and our district by applying today!!


Our Payschools system allows you to quickly and easily make on line meal payments AND fill out free and reduced cost meal applications online on your PaySchools Central account in a secure, step-by-step portal. Click Here to access your current account or register to make a payment and/or complete a free and reduced application.

With QuikApps 2.0, PaySchools Central becomes your onestop shop for all payments AND free and reduced lunch
• You only need to fill out and submit one simple, automated
online application for all your children in our district.
• Once you submit the application, you’ll find out immediately
if your children qualify. Qualified students automatically start
receiving free or reduced-cost meals the next day.
• All of the information you provide in the application is secure
and private. And in the lunch line, no can tell who is receiving a
free-or-reduced cost meal and who is not.
• With QuikApps 2.0, you can fill out the free-and-reduced meal
application on your phone, tablet, or computer.
• And QuikApps 2.0 is fully English-Spanish bilingual!
If you think your children might be eligible for freeand-reduced-cost school meals, just sign in to your account and fill out a
free-and-reduced application.




  • Breakfast and Lunch our offered daily.
  • Free and Reduced Meal Benefits, for those who apply and qualify.
  • Convenient online services. Visit PaySchool Central to sign up.
  • Menus, nutrition information, meal prices, F&R meal application & more at   



  •      Because of COVID-19, we encourage Parents/Guardians to pay in advance using our online payment system. (weekly, monthly, or annually).
  •      Send cash or a check to school with your child. Teachers will provide payments to the lunchroom.  
  •     Deposit money and/or track each student’s meal account balance using PaySchools Central
  •     Deliver payments to the lunchroom anytime you visit the school.

  Low/No Balance Accounts:

  •    Track student’s account balances using the on PaySchools Central. This is a free service.
  •    When accounts fall below $3.00, a payment reminder is sent home with the student. 
  •    Set up an email reminder for low balances at PaySchools Central. This is a free service.
  •    If an account runs out of money, the student is offered a small alternate snack.
  •    If non-payment continues, the parents/guardians are asked to provide a meal from home.  

NOTE:  The lunchroom can not provide a meal to your child if there is no money in their account.  


  • K-8 Breakfast = $1.25 (Free for ALL students at Washington and Harrison)
  • CCHS Breakfast = $2.00
  • Reduced Breakfast = No Charge
  • K-8 Lunch = $2.50  
  • CCHS Lunch $2.75
  • Reduced Lunch = No Charge 


  •       Benefits are available to families who meet income requirements.
  •       Returning families need to reapply by September 30, 2020, 2018.
  •       Families must provide money for meals, until their F&R application is approved.  
  •       Students who qualify for reduced meals, will also receive lunch at no charge.
  •       Students who qualify for reduced meals, will receive breakfast at no charge.


  •       MUST be completed and approved before benefits are received.
  •       May take up to 10 days for processing and approval.
  •       A notification letter will be sent advising you of your benefits or you may call 276-5813.



The more students who qualify for free and reduced meals, the more it benefits the students,  school and district. Below are the benefits for families who qualify as well as benefits for the school district for increasing the number of students who qualify for free and reduced meals.

Income guidelines for eligibility change annually.  Please click here 2020.21 Income Eligibility Guidelines to determine if you are eligible.


  • Testing and athletic fees can be reduced or completely waived for qualifying students.
  • Students qualifying for free OR reduced meals receive breakfast AND lunch at no charge. There is no longer a copay for students qualifying for reduced meals.
  • The higher our free and reduced percentage, the more opportunity  we have to apply for grants to enhance our student programs and services. 
  • It allows us to keep our meal prices low for students who do pay.
  • Cañon City Schools will receive more funding to better serve our students. It’s At-Risk funding increases as the number of free and reduced students increases. In 2018-19 the At-Risk factor contributed over $1.5 million in additional funding to the district.
  • Last but not least, your family will save money when your student eats at school.



The Eat Right Live Right mobile food unit will once again distribute grab and go breakfast and lunches this summer! 

It all begins Thursday, May 27th!!

Watch for more information coming soon!

Summer Mobile.jpg


  • Through at least June 30, 2021 parents and/or guardians are permitted to pick up the meals for their children.
  • Let us feed your large group! One adult can pick up all the meals for your group of children. Just text your name, organization and number of meals to 719-431-0497. 
  • If necessary we can arrange for large group pick up at our mobile locations also.




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