What's New

What's New?

LUNCH PRICING FOR 2020-2021: Elementary paid lunch= $2.50, breakfast = $1.60; Middle school paid lunch = $2.60, breakfast $1.60; High school  paid lunch = $2.70, breakfast $1.60.

Reduced price lunch = .00 cents, breakfast .00 cents.

Free and reduced lunch/textbook applications are available on line at www.mvsc.k12.in.us  or pick up a paper application at any of the school offices, or cafeteria.  You may fill out an application at any time during the school year if your income or family size changes.  Keep in mind, IF you already have an application on file, proof of the change  must be submitted with the new application.

  • Our food service department consists of 112 employees plus food service subs that provide healthy, nutritious meals to our students.
  • All meals are planned to meet the Dietary guidelines.  All entrees and potato items are oven-baked for a healthier lifestyle.  A variety of fresh fruits and vegetables are offered daily in every school.  We serve whole grain products along with fat free chocolate milk or  1 % white milk.
  • LUNCH MEAL PATTERN: 1 entree, 2 servings of fruit and/or vegetable, 1 bread/grain and milk.  Offer versus serve is implemented.
  • BREAKFAST MEAL PATTERN: 2 bread/protein entree, 1 serving of fruit or 100% juice and milk.  Offer versus serve is implemented.
  • Our department is "self funded". Income from breakfast, lunch, ala carte sales and federal school lunch reimbursement sustains our department.
  • Our Food Service employees have been trained in a National Food Service Sanitation course and our kitchens are inspected twice each year by the Lake County Health Department.  We take pride on the cleanliness of our kitchens.
  • All cafeterias operate a computerized Point Of Sale System (POS) that provides flexibility, eliminates overt identification of free or reduced eligible students and increases accuracy and accountability.  Pre-payments can be made to your child's account in your family access account and is posted right away  and is strongly encouraged.