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Welcome to the LCUSD School Lunch Website

Welcome to the La Canada Food Services School Lunch website operated by Meals Plus. On this website, parents will have access to lunch payment transaction histories, electronic funds deposits into their children's prepaid lunch accounts, and menu and nutritional information.


View Account Balances Using 7 Digit Permanent ID number

To view a child's prepaid lunch balance and their transaction history, click on the graphic below with the caption "View Student Balances & Transaction History". Then, enter your child's district permanent ID number (a seven digit number obtained from the school office) and the student's last name. Select 30, 60, 90 or 120 days to view recent purchases and student account balances. Student accounts are updated each day after 5pm. Please note that the student's district Permanent ID number (7 digits without leading zeros) is different from the student's school number which may be 4 or 5 digits long).


Make Payments Electronically

Parents can now add funds to their children's prepaid lunch account using the third-party eFunds electronic funds payment service. The link for depositing funds via eFunds can be accessed from the "View Student Balances & Transaction History" graphic below.  With the eFunds service, parents will create an eFunds account and associate either a checking/debit account or a credit card in order deposit funds into their child(ren)'s lunch accounts. A small fee will be charged for each transaction via eFunds. More details can be found at the eFunds web link.

Transaction History visible in all Browsers!

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