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Welcome to Child Nutrition!

Welcome Back to School!

Dear SRVUSD Parents/Guardians and Staff,

On behalf of the SRVUSD Child Nutrition Department, I would like to welcome you back to school. I am excited to be the SRVUSD’s new Child Nutrition (CN) and Warehouse Director and share with you my vision of the future of our school lunch program. Our team believes wholeheartedly in the philosophy of food  “equity.” We believe that every child should have access to healthy, flavorful and affordable food.  Providing students with real food options and less highly processed food products is one of our many goals.  

In support of this goal, we plan to introduce new menu options and concepts throughout the year. One of our first initiatives is the $2.00 salad bar at elementary sites. This option will allow EVERY child to have affordable access to a variety of healthy, fresh fruits and veggies. Please keep a watchful eye on our CN Website or on our CN Social Media sites that will promote new initiatives we plan to implement this school year.  Please take an opportunity to read our vision, mission and belief statement

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In the future, I plan to meet and work closely with students, parents, staff and community groups to ensure that we address the complex food system in our schools. Our CN Team knows that every purchasing decision made about food and supplies can have a positive or negative impact on either a student’s health, the environment, animals and our planet.  Our CN Team also knows that through collective efforts with everyone, we can have a positive influence on the food system.  Read more about what we are doing to address healthy food in our schools.    

Thank you for your trust in our CN Team to provide your students with safe, quality and healthy food.  The success of our CN program is directly dependent on students participating in the meal program at their schools. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me or our CN Team by email at if you have any questions.  

Thank you, 

Miguel Villarreal Director – Child Nutrition and Warehouse

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