Going Green


Meals, foods and beverages sold or served at schools meet state and federal requirements based on the USDA Dietary Guidelines. All meals, foods and beverages are prepared and served by qualified child nutrition professionals. We provide students with access to a variety of affordable and appealing foods that meet the health and nutrition needs of students.

Meal Pricing, Service, and Payments

All Exeter schools use a point-of-sale system.  This technology allows us to provide debit accounts for purchases and increases the speed of food service to students.  Money may be deposited into the account via cash, check, or online deposits through Schoolcafe.com.  Parents are able to designate what the money can be used for: meals and a la carte items, or meals only.
Please note that all students will be able to purchase a Reimbursable Breakfast & Lunch meal at no cost this entire school year.
The pricing below would be for second meals only. We will also charge for entrees & snacks this school year.  
Elementary Breakfast- $1.70
Elementary Lunch- $2.85
Reiffton Breakfast- $1.85
Reiffton Lunch- $2.95
Jr. High Breakfast- $2.00
Jr. High Lunch-$3.05
Sr. High Breakfast- $2.05
Sr. High Lunch- $3.10
* A la carte items are offered in all grades for purchase during the meal service.
* Note: In the event that school is canceled due to weather, all menus are subject to change.
Field Trip Bagged Lunches: We will provide a bagged lunch for your student during a field trip if needed.  Please click on the school below for the form and return to the cafeteria.
Meal Charge Policy: 

Board Approved Meal Charge Policy and Delinquent Accounts

Point Of Sale

Exeter Township School District has an online option that allows you to monitor your children's lunchtime expenditures and make payments with your credit card.  It gives you the capability to view what your children have eaten over the last 30 days. This new program allows the parents to have control of their child's daily purchases.  Each child's account statement is updated continuously so that the information is current.  Payments will now be available on the same day.

Any money left in your child(ren)'s account at the end of the year will automatically roll over to the next grade/school building assignment.  All accounts will follow your child(ren) until they graduate from Exeter Township School District.  Upon graduation, any balances will be transferred to a sibling within the district or refunded by check to the parent/guardian following a written request to the Food Service Director.