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How does local taste?

Pretty amazing, actually!

We purchase directly from local farms whenever possible. Many of those farmers are now partnered with local nonprofits—such as Green Mountain Farm Direct and Vermont FEED. Through those partnerships, our schools can now have their produce delivered directly to their doors.

Good Food Starts with Great People

At the Abbey Group, our people aren’t just employees. They’re part of the community. When students file into the cafeteria each day for lunch, our staff will often call them by name. They make lunch an experience.

Our people are parents, neighbors, and friends. They’re nurturing, hardworking, and innovative—not afraid to think outside of the box. They take something as routine as lunch and make it extraordinary.

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Employment Opportunities 

Looking for a job that lets you be at home when your family needs you there?

Come join our Team!!

You can download an application or see what we have currently available, click the link below

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