Charles County Child Nutrition Contacts

Please be aware that our managers may not be able to answer the phone during serving times.


Elementary Schools School Phone # Name Email Address  
Dr. Brown 301-645-1330 Marybeth Snyder [email protected]    
Dr. Craik 301-934-4270 Deanna Beane [email protected]    
Gale-Bailey 301-743-5491 Patrice Cash-Mackall [email protected]    
Gwynn Center 301-934-3884 Theresa Kidd [email protected]    
Indian Head 301-743-5454 Stephanie Coombs [email protected]    
Malcolm 301-645-2691 Peter Brooks [email protected]    
Martin 301-274-3182 Jill Sprouse [email protected]    
Middleton 301-645-3338 Erin Phipps [email protected]    
Mitchell 301-934-4687 Dana Steffe [email protected]    
Mt Hope/Nanj. 301-246-4383 Anna Beyer [email protected]    
Dr. Mudd 301-645-3686 Renee Hamilton [email protected]    
Parks 301-375-7444 Victoria Langley [email protected]    
Ryon 301-645-3090 Sarah Rose [email protected]    
Turner 301-645-4828 Adel Youngborg [email protected]    
Higdon 301-934-4091 Michell Atwell [email protected]    
Jenifer 301-932-9603 Afton Guntow [email protected]    
Wade 301-932-4304 Robin Henry [email protected]    
Matula 301-934-5412 Heidi Gregory [email protected]    
Barnhart 301-645-9053 Sharronda Dixon [email protected]    
Berry 301-638-2330 Amanda Chaney [email protected]    
Diggs 301-638-7202 Tracey Baierlein [email protected]    
Neal 301-638-2617 Patrica Arnold [email protected]    
Billingsley 301-753-2088 Reggie Cornish [email protected]    
Middle Schools        
Hanson 301-645-4520 Sarah Martin [email protected]    
Henson 301-375-8550 Dino Wilson [email protected]    
Piccowaxen 301-934-1977 Geisla Russell [email protected]    
Smallwood 301-743-5422 JenniferSwann [email protected]    
Somers 301-934-4663 Darlette Smith [email protected]    
Stoddert 301-645-1334 Rose Burroughs [email protected]    
Mattawoman 301-645-7708 Susan Patterson [email protected]  
Davis 301-753-2082 Donna Milstead [email protected]    
High Schools        
Lackey 301-743-5431 Beverley Jenkins [email protected]    
La Plata 301-934-1100 Jason Wood [email protected]  
McDonough 301-934-2944 Monica Robey [email protected]    
Stone  301-645-2601 Frederick Bell [email protected]  
Robert Stethem  301-932-1003 Mike Van Cleaf [email protected]    
Westlake 301-753-1758 Marsha Brown [email protected]    
North Point 301-885-2012 Renee Liddell [email protected]    
St. Charles 301-753-2090 Ruby Smith [email protected]