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What's New?

Meals for On-line Learning Days

WB's Nutrition Staff are working hard to ensure that every child continues to have access to safe, nutritious and delicious school meals that help fuel their minds and bodies; whether students are attending class in-person or on-line.

New! For remote learning days WB is offering 2 meal packages:

3-day Meal Package for hybrid students- Three complete breakfasts and lunches taken home with students on either Tuesday or Friday at dismissal.

5-day Meal Package for completely online students- Five complete breakfast and lunches pick-up at the MSHS on Wednesday afternoon.


Students with free meal benefits: no cost

Students with reduced-price meal benefits: $2.10 for a 3-day package; $3.50 for a 5-day package

Paid Students: 3-day package  $12.00 elementary, $13.50 MSHS

                      5-day package $20.00 elementary, $22.50 MSHS


Ordering: Meal packages can be ordered through MySchoolbucks.

Log on and click "School Stores" and choose your package. Please note that meal packages are not charged to a student's account until they are picked-up, they are not charged when they are ordered.