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School District 5 of Lexington & Richland Counties is committed to providing healthy and appetizing meals for its students and staff.  School Nutrition Managers strive to fulfill the District's daily posted menus every day.  Due to increasing product shortages, however, the daily menus may need to be occasionally altered.  Student Nutrition Services will continue to work through these issues that are being faced nationwide and will keep families and schools informed as much as possible.  Please be assured that schools will have an adequate food supply for all students.

  Virtual 5 Meal Pick up Sites for 2021-2022 are  Dutch Fork High & Irmo High on

Wednesdays from 11:30 to 1:00.  Breakfast and Lunch complete meal kits will be available as well as some frozen, hot, & ready to eat items.  Fruits & veggies are included and meet USDA's required color spectrum: Dark leafy greens, red/orange, and legumes.  Milk is available as well to include  1% White and Fat Free Chocolate.   Please be sure to refrigerate all ready to eat, potentially hazardous foods at 41 degrees or below when your student comes home. Serve or discard refrigerated, ready to eat, potentially hazardous foods within 4 days. For any food that needs to be heated please follow the instructions.  Most items will need to be  heated to an internal temp of 165 degrees. As always, please thoroughly wash hands for 20 seconds before touching or consuming food.                  Throughout the 2021-2022 School Year, all Students will receive free breakfast & lunch according to USDA.  You may wish to apply for meal benefits anyway. *TO APPLY FOR MEAL BENEFITS, PLEASE    CLICK HERE! 

We are no longer accepting paper applications.  The online application system allows your students application to be processed as quickly as possible.  PLEASE NOTE:  To make a payment online please register your student/students at You will be asked to put in their student ID #.  If you do not know this number, please contact the school. Please call the Department of Student Nutrition with any questions or concerns.  803-476-8153 or 803-476-8154.  

District 5 believes that a major factor in student achievement is nutrition. The district understands that  good nutrition promotes the well-being of our children. The  Department of Student Nutrition embraces the mission of  providing well-balanced meals during every school day.  This includes providing nutritious breakfasts and lunches in all 22 District Five schools.  The price of an Adult lunch is $4.10 and Adult Breakfast is $2.60.   

Please take a few minutes browse our web site. You will be able to locate helpful information and resources related to the nutritional well-being of District Five students.

Lexington Richland 5 is an Equal Opportunity Provider