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Point of Sale in the Cafeteria

The Food Services Department operates all cashier functions under eTrition, which is a computerized point-of-sale system.  Each child’s PIN is their student ID number.

When a child decides to purchase a meal that day, he/she will approach the cashier.  Cashiers at the elementary level retrieve students' accounts using homerooms.  Students at the secondary level are required to carry and use their student ID cards.  Student ID cards will be scanned to retrieve their account information.  The child’s account and photograph will appear on the cashier’s screen.  The cost of the breakfast or lunch will automatically be deducted from the account without any exchange of cash.  Students who receive free or reduced-priced lunches will follow the same procedures outlined above.  However, their automatic debits will be made at a free or reduced lunch price.

Cash is not accepted in our building cafeterias.  Deposits may be made with credit card or check. 

Checks, made payable to PSD Cafeteria, may be sent to the food services office at 2219 North Cedar Crest Boulevard, Allentown, PA 18104.  Parents/guardians will need to allow time for the check to pass through the U. S. Postal Service.  The Food Services Department will not hold post-dated checks.   There is a $25 per check fee for returned checks.   

Credit and debit card payments may be made at   A transaction fee for payments is charged by the third party provider.  Families are encouraged to create an account at MySchoolBucks to view their child's account activity and establish low balance notifications, which can be generated by text messages or email.

We encourage students (especially seniors) to expend their account money by the end of the year.  Underclassmen’s accounts will be carried over into the next year.  Graduating seniors’ account balances are first transferred to a younger sibling’s account.  If no siblings are enrolled, parents have the option to donate or request refunds of balances greater than $5.00.  

Account Blocks and/or Restrictions

The Food Services Department extends the option to parents of applying blocks and/or restrictions to their student’s cafeteria accounts. 

For example, a “meals only” block may be applied to allow your child to use their money in their cafeteria account to purchase a school breakfast or lunch only; no a la carte sales will be taken from the account balance.  

You may request a block and/or restriction by contacting the Food Services Office at 610-351-5670 or emailing  All restrictions will remain on the student’s account until we receive notice to remove it.

Meal Charge Policy

The Food Services Department extends to all students the privilege of charging meals in the Cafeteria.   No student is denied a meal.  

If a parent/guardian does not wish for their child to charge meals, the parent/guardian must submit the request in writing to the food services office or email

Negative balance letters are emailed daily to parents/guardians.

Debt to the food services department is expected to be paid on a timely basis.

As long as a student is carrying a negative balance, the student will not be permitted to purchase extras or a la carte items.