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Special Diet

Special Meal Accommodations



USDA Regulation 7 CFR Part 15b requires substitutions or modifications in school meals for children whose disabilities restrict their diets. A child with a disability must be provided substitutions in foods when that need is supported by a signed statement from a licensed physician.


Medical Statement for Children with Special Dietary Needs

Each special dietary request, except for soy milk substitutions, must be supported by a statement explaining the requested food substitution and must be signed by a recognized medical authority.

Medical Statement for Dietary Accommodations  

The Medical Statement must include:

  • An identification of the medical or other special dietary condition which restricts the child’s diet;
    • Is it an allergen or an intolerance?
    • What is the reaction and how severe is it?
      • If peanut allergy, does the child have to eat peanuts to have a reaction or will the child have a reaction from breathing or touching peanuts?
      • Will the child have an anaphylactic reaction and trouble breathing or is the reaction a rash ect.?

  • The food or foods to be omitted from the child’s diet;
    • For nut allergies, please clearly specify one of the following options: "peanuts only", "tree nuts only" or "peanuts and tree nuts".
    • If lactose intolerance, please specify one of the following options: "milk only" or "milk, cheese and yogurt".
    • If dairy allergy, please specify "all dairy, including milk baked into products".

  • The food or choice of foods to be substituted.

If we do not receive a medical statement from a recognized medical authority, your child will receive a regular lunch tray.  Medical statements completed by parents or guardians will not be accepted.


Soy Milk Substitutions

Soy milk has a nutrient composition similar to cow's milk. If you are requesting a soy milk substitution for cow's milk only, please fill out this form. This form may be filled out by a guardian and a doctor's signature is not required for this request only. 

Soy Milk Substitution Request Form

Please note: If your child requires an almond milk substitution, you must fill out and submit the Medical Statement for Dietary Accommodations because almond milk is not nutritionally equivalent to cow's milk.


Submit Your Forms By

1. Dropping them off at Nutrition Services, located in the basement of the Kneale Administration Building.

2. Faxing the forms to 308-385-5949.

3. Deliver to your child's school nurse and he/she will email them to Lauren Rathman.


Contact Info:

Lauren Rathman:  Email [email protected] or Phone #308-385-5900 ext 201178.