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The USDA issued a press release stating they are extending free meals until June 30th, 2022, or until the funds appropriated by Congress are exhausted. Our interpretation is these meals will be free to students based on this press release. We will fully communicate any changes on our website. In the event meals are no longer free, the prices are listed below.

EVEN THOUGH ALL MEALS ARE CURRENTLY FREE: families who believe they may qualify for free or reduced meals, still NEED to apply using the application located on our website or in the school calendar. 

The following chart indicates the very reasonable prices offered for a complete meal:

School                 Breakfast      Lunch

Early Childhood     $1.80            $2.60

Primary                $1.80            $2.60

Intermediate        $1.80             $2.60        

Junior High           $1.80            $2.90

Senior High          $1.80            $2.90

A la carte pricing for white or chocolate milk for the 2020-2021 school year will be $.65.

Students meeting income requirements may be eligible for free or reduced price meals (Breakfast and Lunch). Reduced price meals are free for lunch and no charge for breakfast. Please see the information on the Free and Reduced link for further information on this program.

Menus are posted in all cafeterias and on this web site. There is also a green option you can sign up for and have the menus emailed to you. Paper copies can be requested from school offices if needed.

Purchasing School Meals... 

Each student has their own personal account (same as their ID number), in which families are encouraged to make prepayments via myschoolbucks. This allows students to make purchases without handling money and speeds up service at the cashier station.

If a family would like to send in a check, please make the check out to the Victor School Lunch Fund and send in to the student's cafeteria cashier.

Online payment by credit card is also available.  Please see the link on online payment information to read about this service. All cafeterias at Victor schools operate with computerized cash registers that link student purchases to their individual accounts. This system enables families to put money in their child's account, usually enough to pay for a week, month, or longer if desired. As food is purchased, the cashier will debit the student's account. The prepayment system streamlines meal service. Money in the student's account can be used during breakfast, lunch or for snacks, unless restrictions are noted. This system allows students receiving free or reduced meals to maintain anonymity since students go through lines without "paying" cash.

Financial Information...

The food service program is unique within the district since it is self-supporting. In other words, the school budget does not have a line item for food service; therefore, school taxes are not applied toward the program. The program pays for all salaries, insurances, benefits, etc., plus all food, paper, equipment and repairs. The program is financed by income it receives through meals and a la carte sales, in addition to subsidies from the Federal and State governments. Due to government subsidies, the price of meals served to the children is greatly reduced. School meals are usually less expensive than meals of equal nutrition prepared at home. Since the program is operated for the students, teachers and other adult staff are charged full cost for meals. Subsidies come in the form of government donated foods and monetary payment for all full meals, whether it is "Free," " Reduced," or " Paid." The reimbursement makes up the difference between what the lunch costs to produce and what the student pays. As student participation increases, reimbursement increases.

Students from families with lower incomes are urged to apply for reduced or free meals. Applications may be filled out at any time during the year, and are available in the district calendar or at all school offices. Eligibility will allow students to receive the same benefits at breakfast and lunch. Reduced price meals are free for lunch and free for breakfast.

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