Going Green


Meals, foods and beverages sold or served at schools meet state and federal requirements based on the USDA Dietary Guidelines. All meals, foods and beverages are prepared and served by qualified child nutrition professionals. We provide students with access to a variety of affordable and appealing foods that meet the health and nutrition needs of students.

Information for Parents

Please note: Menus may change due to food/supply availability.

Breakfast and lunch are served at all schools. The price for student breakfast is $1.20 at all grade levels. Lunch prices are $2.30 for elementary students and $2.55 for middle and high school students. Free and reduced price lunches are available to students unable to pay the full price of meals. Reduced price breakfast is $0.30 and reduced price lunch is $0.40 for qualifying students. Parents may prepay for your child's meals by paying cash or making out a check to the cafeteria of your child's school. There is no restriction on the number of meals which can be prepaid.

Charging meals will not be available during the first 9 weeks of the 20-21 school year. This rule may be extended if school continues under digital learning/meal delivery model. Charge letters are sent home through the child's classroom at the elementary level. We ask that you pay the charges as soon as possible. State Regulations require that student charges are paid in full before the end of each school year. Charging meals at the middle school level is discouraged. Charging is not allowed at the high school level except under special circumstances. Students should see a school administrator if they have a problem paying for their meal.  Please direct questions to the School Food Service Supervisor at (540) 463-7386.

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