Pre-Payment Options

Please take advantage of the options to prepay your student's meal accounts. Prepaid meal accounts help the lunch lines go faster and gives students more time to eat, relax, and play. It also gives you the peace of mind of not having to worry about looking for lunch money every day or worry that it might get lost, stolen or used for other things other than lunch.

A Note to ParentOnline Users

Exciting changes are here!

First of all, we'd love to thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your family for so many years with ParentOnline. We are excited to introduce SchoolCafé, our new and improved portal to connect families to your local K-12 school nutrition. SchoolCafé is passionately developed and supported by PrimeroEdge, the same providers of ParentOnline - so don't worry because you're still in amazing hands! We've got the same great features (payments, alerts, etc.) that you've come to love along with some amazing new capabilities.

What about my existing ParentOnline account?

If you have an existing ParentOnline account you DO NOT need to create a new account in SchoolCafé — sign in with the same username and password that you used in ParentOnline. Also, all of your existing students, balances, cards, configurations, and settings remain the same. We wanted to make sure that your transition from ParentOnline to SchoolCafé was simple and seamless. Note: You'll also notice that previous ParentOnline references in emails, phone notifications, and bank statements will now reflect "SchoolCafé".

So, it's a new look for the web and app?

Yes. We've updated our look and we're providing a newer web experience that is refreshing for all devices. We have a new SchoolCafé app with the new and existing features for Apple and Android devices. If you have the previous ParentOnline app it will continue to work until 10/31/2016 when it will be decommissioned. So, please head over to the app store and download the new SchoolCafé app today. Again, if you have a previous ParentOnline account you can use that same account with SchoolCafé.

You said new features?

For some of our users, your school district has chosen to provide online cafeteria menus. This gives you the ability to view what is on the menu at your child's school cafeteria and view nutritional/allergen information. There are also a bunch of cool interactive options as well for you to rate, favorite, and share what's on the menu. If you do not see anything relating to menus after signing in don't be alarmed -- when your school district is ready to show those additional features we'll be sure to let you know. Note: Features relating to menus and menu item information (nutrition and allergens) is controlled by your school district.

Serving the entire family with the introduction of student accounts

SchoolCafé now allows student accounts. Students 13 and older can create accounts to view and interact with the school cafeteria menu. We've also created a cool new feature that allows students to connect to their cafeteria account to see their account balance, view their purchase history, and access their digital ID card to use in the cafeteria. While developing SchoolCafé, we talked with many students. Some of their primary concerns were knowing their account balance at any given time, knowing what was on the menu for the day, and that it would be really cool to have their ID accessible on their phone. Note: This feature is controlled by your school district and they will choose to turn this on or off.

What's next?

You will continue to see new updates to SchoolCafé as the school year goes on. Our goal is to move all of the website functionality into the app to provide you ultimate convenience and accessibility. So be on the lookout for those updates.

Thank you

As always, our ultimate goal is to serve amazing families. Your feedback is always welcome and we promise you'll always be heard. Again, thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you and we hope that you absolutely love SchoolCafé. Have a great 2016-17 school year!

Online Payments

Online Payments: School_Cafe

Online payments are a simple, safe and secure way to make payments to your students account 24 hours a day at your convenience.

Send Check or Cash

You can always bring money personally or send it with your student. Please place it in an envelope marked clearly with your student's name, their ID #, their teacher's name, the $ amount and the check #. Turn in prepaid deposits to the cafeteria cashier(s) or school office.

Download and Print Out a pre-formatted #10 Envelope for making Deposits

If you choose to bring money to school personally or send it with your student, please put it in an envelope clearly marked with the student's first and last name, their ID #, their teacher's name, and the amount enclosed.