Refund Policy

(Positive account balances for students remaining in the school district for the next school year will stay on their account and will be available for them to use on the first day of school.) 

Throughout the school year, parents/guardians may request the transfer or refund of positive student meal account balances from Nutrition Services by submitting this FORM.

IMPORTANT: Before filling out the transfer/refund request form, please disable any automatic payments that are set up in


If relocating from our district (e.g. moving away, changing schools out of the district), you may request a transfer or refund of remaining positive cafeteria balances. Parents/Guardians have up to 6 months after leaving the district to request a transfer or refund. After 6 months, any meal account balances not requested to be refunded may be treated as a donation to the Nutrition Services fund. These donations will be used to pay down negative student account balances accumulated in the district. 

Graduating Students:

In June of each school year, positive student accounts for all graduating 8th graders will be deemed inactive. For any account balances >$5.00, Nutrition Services will make transfers to siblings first, then refunds to those without siblings in the district, unless otherwise requested by parent/guardian. Requests can be made by completing this form. PLEASE NOTE: Refunds/transfers cannot be made if MySchoolBucks auto pay is still enabled! 

Any questions? Please contact the Nutrition Services Department at 622-6244 ext 6633.