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Southwest Local Schools will participate in the Seamless Summer Option (SSO) during the 2021-2022 school year. Under this option, all children in the school receive a breakfast/lunch at no charge and without any application. However, to determine eligibility for various additional state and federal program benefits that your child’s school may qualify for, please complete, sign and return this application to your school building if your income falls within or below the guidelines listed in the following chart. This information will not impact Seamless Summer Option meals in any way.

Please click here for a printable Free/Reduced Meal Application.



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Exciting things are happening in Southwest Local School Cafeterias where our goal is “GREAT NUTRITION AT A GREAT PRICE”! Our elementary cafeterias offer 2 fruits and 3 vegetables EVERYDAY at lunch.  Two fruits are offered daily for breakfast. A fresh vegetable is also included EVERYDAY.Salad dressing pumps have been eliminated to make room for portion controlled packets. All of our sandwich bread, and round buns are whole grain white or wheat. Other whole grain menu items contain at least 51% whole grains. A freshly made chef salad with cheese is one of 6 daily entrée choices (along with turkey sandwich, turkey hot dog on bun, yogurt/cheese/pepperoni/cracker lunchables, peanut butter and jelly on wheat or whole grain white bread and of course the entrée of the day on the menu). Check out our menu! The elementary lunch price is $1.90 don’t forget our convenient and affordable elementary breakfast served daily for $1.00! Free or Reduced prices apply to those who qualify.

We strongly encourage all High School and Junior School students to "MAKE IT A MEAL". We are able to offer significant savings (almost 40% over Ala Carte pricing) to students who “MAKE IT A MEAL” at lunch and breakfast. A lunch consists of ANY entrée and a milk along with a trip to our self serve fruit and vegetable bar OR choose from many fruit and vegetable side options from our self serve cases. We also offer a "Fresh Fare" rotating entree, which has made-to-order options such as "make it Bold, Make it Buffalo", Mexican Madness", Make it Fresh, Make it Flatbread (pizza)" as well as several other choices.  Breakfast is served daily at the High School and Junior School with lots of great entrée choices as well. We are encouraging students to choose the most well rounded lunch (or breakfast) at the most economical price! “MAKE IT A MEAL” IT’S THE BEST DEAL! The secondary lunch price is $2.60, breakfast is $1.25.

Our snack options are nutritious as well! All snack options meet the Alliance for a Healthier Generation guidelines.  Only snacks that meet certain criteria are offered in our elementary schools, High School and Junior School. Our basic message to all students is “CHOOSE THE SNACKS THAT LOVE YOU BACK!”.