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What's New?

Freeman Nutrition Services is a very busy place! We love fueling young brains so they can go back to class ready to learn! 


Spring 2020- 

School closure doesn't slow us down! Whether learning at school or at home, we know kids still need to eat! During the school closure this spring we served more than 38,000 meals to kids at home!


Lunch Ladies Flex.jpg   Packing Lunches.jpg

Thank you Wall.jpg Virtual Fire Drill.jpg


Winter 2020 - 

New Menu Items! Check them out! 




Fall 2019 -


We are on social media- Follow us on Instagram!





Winter 2019-

Sweet and Sour Chicken with fried rice.jpg

The move to scratch food continues! One of our favorites is fried rice with sweet & sour chicken! Add some milk and fresh fruits & veggies from our salad bar for a yummy lunch!



Fall 2018-

Scotties are Going Scratch! Click here for more information on our new scratch cooking program!




October field trip contest- Freeman Elementary School collected over 4000 box tops for a contest to win a class field trip to the kitchen. Mrs. Smith's 4th grade class was the lucky winner and 24 students got to tour the kitchen and try out their scratch cooking skills! 


 Everyone got a new chef hat!                          The freezer was COLD!Emoji_Snowflake_Download_large.png  

           FThats.jpg                                                  FTFreezer.jpg



Young chefs making a batch of

Freeman's Corn Fiesta Salad                      Cooking is FUN!

            FTcooking.jpg                                                 FTSmile.jpg











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