Pre-Payment Options

Please take advantage of the options to prepay your student's meal accounts. Prepaid meal accounts help the lunch lines go faster and give students more time to eat, relax, and play. It also gives you the peace of mind of not having to worry about looking for lunch money every day or worry that it might get lost, stolen or used for other things other than lunch.



Online Payments


Freeman School District believes that it is in the best interest of students to be provided nutritious meals to maximize learning.  We do not want to see students go hungry. 


  • Free and Reduced meal applications will be distributed to and collected from all households. 
  • Each student will have a point of sale cafeteria account. 
  • Students have a pin number created for cafeteria account upon school registration/enrollment.
  • For students who do not qualify for free lunches:
    • It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to maintain a positive balance in the student’s meal account.
    • Funds may be deposited in advance on a student’s account with a credit card by using the districts online payment link listed above.
  • Separately, Skyward Family Access allows parents and guardians to track account balances, monitor meals purchased and to sign up to receive low balance email notifications.
  • Deposits for cafeteria can also be accepted at all school buildings using cash, check or card.

Notifications will include the following:

  • Skyward notifications are sent daily to contact Families with $6.00 or less left in the account until balance is brought about said amount.
  • School Messenger contacts families with -$5.00 by phone and/or email once per week.
  • Please contact Nutrition Services Director ( or (509)291-7510) if assistance can be offered. 

Student Charge Procedure: Negative meal account balance will be counted as a fee/fine and must be paid in full before a student can receive report card, transcript, or diploma.

House Bill 2610 states the following and is effective June 7th 2018:

  • No tray will be withheld from any student regardless of their meal balance.
    • If your child is not to participate in school breakfast or lunch, please communicate this to your child; as the Nutrition Services department will feed all students per State law.
  • Students K-12 will continue to receive meals even with an overdrawn balance; but is discouraged. Please help keep our program strong by filling out a meal application or keeping meal account up to date.
  • Pizza Stamp and verbal reminders will NOT be made in the lunch line.
  • Any communication regarding a negative balance for a student under the age of fifteen will be directed to the student’s parent or guardian by automated email or phone call
    • Milk, juice or other ala-carte’ purchases cannot be made with a negative balance.   However, the student can receive a full breakfast or lunch meal with a negative balance, but is discouraged.


Please help us keep our program running strong by keeping your student's lunch account balance current.  We encourage you to use the district website under “Family Access” and review your child’s current lunch account balance.  On-line payments can be made from the link above using your Skyward Family Access login username and password for your convenience.


Send Check or Cash

You can always bring money personally or send it with your student. Please place it in an envelope marked clearly with your student's name, their ID #, their teacher's name, the $ amount and the check #. Turn in prepaid deposits to the cafeteria cashier(s) or school office.

Download and Print Out a pre-formatted #10 Envelope for making Deposits

If you choose to bring money to school personally or send it with your student, please put it in an envelope clearly marked with the student's first and last name, their ID #, their teacher's name, and the amount enclosed.