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 Satisfaction_Guaranteed_Sticker.gif CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE

Our Customers are the Heart of Our Business and it is our #1 Goal to have Happy Satisfied Customers!

The TriCreek School Corporation Food Service Department strives to excel in producing meals of the highest and safest quality.  If a customer is served a product that is not of the highest quality and it is brought to our attention every effort will be made to correct the situation to meet the satisfaction of the customer.  A customer does need to let us know when there is an issue so that we can correct the issue right away to the customers complete satisfaction!


The TriCreek School Corporation believes the "Recipe" for student success includes healthy and nutritious meals.

We invite all students to dine with us. Each meal provides "fuel for learning" that students need to make the most of their school experience.

DR. SEUSS' Birthday Green Eggs & Ham Special Menus

Monday, March 2nd

ELEMENTARY 2020 Dr. Seuss' Menu


LOWELL HIGH SCHOOL 2020 Dr. Seuss' Menu



Feed Them Forward Campaign

Struggling families need help all school year!  Donate to help reduce overdue cafeteria accounts for struggling student's and families.

   Any amount helps and 100% of your donation is immediately applied! To make a donation please contact the Tri-Creek Nutrition and Food Service

Department at 219-750-1320.  Thank you in advance!

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2020-21 Meal & Textbook Application - ENGLISH

2020-21 Meal Assistance Application PARENT INSTRUCTIONS - ENGLISH

2020-21 Meal & Textbook Application - SPANISH

2020-21 Meal Assistance Application - PARENT INSTRUCTIONS - SPANISH



2019-20 ELEMENTARY Charge Policy

2019-20 SECONDARY Meal Charge Policy



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Elementary Breakfast Yogurt Sundaes!  A favorite!

Served with Graham Crackers and Milk for a delicious and nutritious breakfast meal! 

TC Yogurt Sundaes.jpg

What's For Lunch?

Lowell High School - Chicken Fajita Menu Choice - Amazingly Good!

Chicken Fajitas made with whole grain tortilla shells and Tyson Select Cut Chicken

                         with No Antibiotics, Mexican Corn, Fiesta Taco Beans, Fresh Veggies,

Mandarin Oranges, 100% Juice, Milk

HS Chicken Fajitia Lunch Tray.jpg

OR Choose Fresh and Ready Pizza - Daily - All Fresh Ingredients! 

HS Pizza Line Pic.jpg  HS Pizza Line Pic - Buffalo Chicken.jpg


**Convenient Online Payment Option and Online Meal Assistance Applications 

Mealtime Online Payments

Mealtime Online Applications                                                  

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 Check It Out!   

What Makes A School Meal VIDEO 



If you might be interested in serving on the TriCreek School Corporation Wellness committee please email Martha Silverthorn at

We are looking for parents and community members that have a heart for wellness.




A GREAT TriCreek Elementary  School Lunch!

    TriCreek School Meals Rock!







"TriCreek School Corporation Food Services, working together, to deliver the nutritional building blocks for the foundation of student learning with outstanding service."


"To support the educational process and improve the health and well-being of every student by providing nutritious, wholesome, high quality meals in a friendly, courteous manner."


1. To offer nutritious, appetizing and eye appealing meals.

2. To serve an interesting variety of foods to help the child extend his/her list of acceptable foods.

3. To educate the students and general public in good nutrition and good food habits.

4. To maintain safe, sanitary conditions for food preparation resulting in products of the highest possible quality and standards.

5. To encourage each employee of the TriCreek Food Service department to become a professional; dedicated to the cheerful service of the community.

6. To conduct this program in an economical, business-like manner at a minimum expense to the student and the taxpayer.

7. To excel in constant innovation that uses problem solving strategies to make improvements in the areas of customer satisfaction, business processes, financial ststus, and learning and growth with an emphasis on the effective us of technology.

8. To comply with all local, state and national guidelines for school food service.


2019-20 Meal Assistance Information

Free and Reduced applications can be filled out online via MealTime Online; or by filling out a paper application. Please click on the Meal Application button to the left to learn more about applying for meal benefits. Click here to learn more about MealTime Online.


The Nutrition Services department is made up of a team of food and nutrition professionals that are dedicated to students' health, well being and their ability to learn. We support learning by promoting healthy habits for lifelong nutrition and fitness practices.

Meals, foods and beverages sold or served at schools meet state and federal requirements which are based on the USDA Dietary Guidelines. We provide students with access to a variety of affordable and appealing foods that meet the health and nutrition needs of students.