Special Diet

Meal Accommodations for Students with Special Dietary Needs

USDA regulations require meal accommodations for students with medical conditions or disabilities. Food & Nutrition Services is committed to providing safe and healthy school meals for students whose impairment restrict their diets. 
A Registered Dietitian from our department will work with you, your student, your school nurse, and your medical provider (if necessary) to accommodate all requests. In order for us to accommodate these request and maintain the required documentation, we require two forms:
1.  Food & Nutrition Services Meal Accommodations Request Form
This form identifies which services parents are requesting. Services available from our department registered dietitian include:
  • Meal accommodations as indicated on the Request for Meal Accommodations due to Medical Condition form
  • Provide Foods to Avoid list to student and/or family
  • Communication to family regarding student's meal accommodations available.
  • Universal precaution training (in collaboration with the School Nurse) to school faculty and staff
  • Provide Student Meal Card for identification purposes (for CEP sites and other schools without meal cards)
  • No accommodations requested at this time (for situations where you just want us to be aware of the medical condition) 
This form must be completed for each student requesting special accommodations. If a Medical Statement form is currently on file, a new form does not need to be completed and submitted, nor does it need to be renewed on a yearly basis; however, it should be updated to reflect the current medical and/or nutritional needs of the student.
The Medical Statement explains the impairment and provides guidance on what accommodations are needed.  This document and must be signed and dated by a recognized medical authority (a licensed physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, naturopathic medical doctor or dentist). The Medical Statement includes:
  • An identification of the medical or other special dietary condition which restricts the child’s diet
  • The food or foods to be omitted from the child’s diet 
  • If necessary, the food or choice of foods to be substituted. Please note that substitutions provided may be modified based on menus and foods available.

Contact our office at 208-854-4090 if you need further assistance.


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