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Department Contact Information

Charlottesville City Schools
1400 Melbourne Road
Charlottesville, VA 22901
Name: Carlton Jones
Title: Nutrition Administrator
Phone: 434-245-2830

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Staff Photo Name: Sandra Vazquez
Title: Nutrition Coordinator
Phone: 434-245-2808

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Name: Jacqueline Simmons (Charlottesville High)
Title: Cafeteria Manager
Phone: (434) 245-2430

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Name: Roy Bujanovsky
Title: Cafeteria Manager (Buford Middle)
Phone: (434) 245-2429

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Name: Shamera Banks
Title: Cafeteria Manager (Walker)
Phone: (434) 245-2437

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Name: Patricia Shull
Title: Cafeteria Manager (Burnley Moran)
Phone: (434) 245-2432

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Name: Cordellia Mallory
Title: Cafeteria Manager (Clark Elementary)
Phone: (434) 245-2431

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Name: Celestine White
Title: Cafeteria Manager (Jackson-Via)
Phone: (434) 245-2434

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Name: Teresa Shull
Title: Cafeteria Manager (Greenbrier)
Phone: (434) 245-2433

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Name: Cynthia Casarez
Title: Cafeteria Manager (Veneable)
Phone: (434) 245-2436

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Name: Leslie Benson
Title: Manager (Johnson)
Phone: 434-245-2435

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Join Our Team!

Looking for a Part-Time or On-Call job that allows you to be at home when your family needs you there? Join our team in a School Cafeteria. 

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