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Meal Applications

Free and Reduced Price Meals are available to families who believe they may qualify. If your family chooses to apply please complete a "Free and Reduced Meal Price Application Form." The forms can be obtained and returned (completed) to any school office. You will be notified by mail of your child's status. Until notification you must provide your child with a lunch or lunch money.

Only complete one application per family. The information you give will be used to determine or prove your child's eligibility for free or reduced-priced meals. This information may also be used for other state or federally funded school benefits.

Factors considered in the application process are household size and total household income. HOUSEHOLD SIZE is considered all persons, related or unrelated: Including parents, children, grandparents who live in your home and share living expenses. The TOTAL HOUSEHOLD INCOME is the income each household member received last month before taxes - this includes wages, social security, pension, unemployment, welfare, child support, alimony, and any other cash income.

Income Applications

  1. List the names of everyone who lives in your household. Include parents, grandparents, children, other relatives and unrelated people who live in your household.
  2. List the amount of income each household member receives, where it comes from and how often it is received.
  3. The last 4 digits of the Social Security Number of the household member who signs the application or checks the box if the member does have not a Social Security Number.
  4. The signature of an adult household member is required. An application that is not complete cannot be approved. If applying online, an electronic signature is generated.


Your eligibility may be checked at any time during the school year. School officials may require you to send pay stubs showing that your children should receive free or reduced-price meals.
If you do not agree
You may talk to school officials if you do not agree with the determined eligibility based on your application or with the results of verification. You may also ask for a fair hearing.

Foster Children

Foster children are eligible for free meals. Foster children are defined as being placed by the court or a ward of the state. An application must be submitted. You may include them in the household with children that are not foster children living in the same household. You must include any personal use income for the foster child. The household count and entire income will determine the eligibility of the household, but the foster child is automatically free.

If you are applying for a single foster child on an application, it must include the child’s name, the child’s “personal use” income, and an adult / guardian signature.


Apply Online 


Copperas Cove Independent School District is pleased to announce the availability of applying for Free and Reduced Price Meals online!  The process is SAFE, SECURE, PRIVATE, and AVAILABLE anytime, anywhere!



Safe & Secure

We use the highest level of data encryption available, meaning that your information is always safe and guarded. 

Private & Available

Apply online in the comfort and privacy of your own home.  The online service is available 24/7 anytime, anywhere there is an Internet connection!


Your data is transmitted to the Copperas Cove Independent School District Nutrition Office the same day you apply, allowing for quicker processing so you can receive benefits faster. 

Go Green

No more paper applications to complete and return to the school office!  Applying online is so convenient and good for the environment as well!