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Poptarts Bagel & Cream Cheese Manager's Special  Cereal Manager's Special (heat and serve)
Fruit Fruit Fruit Fruit Fruit
White Milk White Milk White Milk White Milk White Milk
Anytimer Turkey & Cheese Kit PB&J Sandwich Manager's Special (heat and serve) Deli Sandwich Manager's Special (heat and serve)
Vegetable Vegetable Vegetable Vegetable Vegetable
Fruit Fruit Fruit Fruit Fruit
Chocolate Milk Chocolate Milk Chocolate Milk Chocolate Milk Chocolate Milk

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Meals, foods and beverages sold or served at schools meet state and federal requirements based on the USDA Dietary Guidelines. All meals, foods and beverages are prepared and served by qualified child nutrition professionals. We provide students with access to a variety of affordable and appealing foods that meet the health and nutrition needs of students.


PLEASE NOTE: Participation in the free or reduced-price meal program allows students to receive one complete breakfast and lunch each day for free or at a reduced-price. All A La Carte items, including but not limited to, additional milks or juices, and Robek's smoothies, are NOT included in this program. Students must have money in their account or cash to purchase A La Carte items. Second meal purchases are cash only even if student has money in account.


Unpaid Meal Charges Policy


The goal of Arcadia Unified School District Nutrition Services is to provide healthy meals to children during the school day to support their learning and development. In order to serve healthy, high-quality meals to all children, we must make sure we are financially sound. Families play a key role in this effort, and are responsible for purchases made by their child in our school cafeterias. Because we are a self-funded program and unpaid meal debt is not reimbursed by the State or Federal government, contributions from Arcadia Unified’s General Fund to cover unpaid meal debt may impact your student’s instructional experience in the classroom.


Parents are encouraged to set up an eFunds account to make payments online, check balances, and set up low-balance alerts, and automatic payments.


All students can receive a reimbursable meal, charged to their account when they go through the meal service line, though parents may elect to email the Nutrition Services department at or to request “no charging” on their student’s account.


The Nutrition Services Supervisor at the elementary school level will review elementary student accounts weekly and send notification slips in envelopes to elementary school site cashiers to be put in teacher boxes to be sent home with students owing more than $5. Payments may be returned in this envelope to the school office.


The Nutrition Services Director will send out monthly phone and email blasts to all parents whose student/s owe more than $1, which includes a reminder that families may apply for the free and reduced-price meal program throughout the year, and verbiage from this policy. In addition, families whose students owe more than $50 will receive a second phone and email blast each month. Parents are responsible for notifying the district immediately of any changes to their contact information. Failure to notify the district of changes and/or blocking calls and emails does not excuse the existing debt.


The Nutrition Services Accountant will review outstanding balances quarterly, and mail a letter, which includes this written Unpaid Meal Charges Policy, to all parents whose student/s owe more than $100. 


This Unpaid Meal Charges Policy will be included in writing with the Back-to-School mailing, provided to families with students who transfer into AUSD mid-year, made available at registration, made available on our website, and included with all negative balance communications. This Unpaid Meal Charges Policy will be provided to any school or district-level staff responsible for policy enforcement.


Families needing assistance with applying for free or reduced-price school meals can reference step-by-step instructions on our website, call, or come by the Nutrition Services office for further assistance. Payment plans are available and will be communicated as an option to families needing financial assistance.


Arcadia Unified School District's K-8 Healthy Lunch Guidelines


Meal Prices

Elementary School  Breakfast - $2.50

Elementary School Lunch - $4.00

Middle and High School Breakfast - $2.50

Middle and High School Lunch - $5.00

Milk Only - $0.50

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It is our goal to provide tasty and nutritious meals to all students. As a self-sustaining department, we rely on prompt meal payments to fund the highest quality meals possible. Parents play a key role in this effort and are responsible for purchases made by their child in our school cafeteria. Our staff proudly serve over 19,000 meals to students each week, and escalating unpaid meal debts may jeopardize our ability to provide meals to all of our students.

In order to avoid disruption to your student’s meal purchasing, we strongly encourage you to pay any negative balance before these new procedures begin. To check your student’s balance or learn about payment options and plans, please call our accountant, Jane Tan, at (626) 821-8300, extension 6570.

If you feel you may qualify for free or reduced-price meals, please fill out an application after July 22nd either online or at any school site. It is our mission to provide nutritious meals to any and all children who need them.  

We look forward to serving your students each school year and depend on you, to make this happen.