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Make sure to eat breakfast every morning at home or at school.  Breakfast is an important part of everyone's day.



Habersham County Schools Farm to School News

Wilbanks Middle School has been chosen to participate in a F2S pilot program that will establish a model for F2S for the state.  The pilot program is sponsored by Georgia Organics and NEGA Food Bank.  This project will be a year long venture and will not only bring fresh local produce into our cafeterias, but it will aid in making the school gardens at Wilbanks stronger and larger, establish relationships with local farmers and community members, explore the possibilities of a food hub, teach students more about the importance of eating and preparing fresh produce and why it is important to buy local.

We look forward to your input and participation in this pilot program!

For more information contact Andrea Thomas @ 706-754-2110 or [email protected]