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* Note: If you have set up monthly automatic payments into your Titan account, we recommend turning those payments OFF for the months of June and July



Meals for Children When School is Out

The U.S. Department of Agriculture “Seamless Summer” Feeding Option Meal Program can help feed your children healthy meals during the summer months at no charge.

This program serves all children ages 2 through 18 years old.

Children must be present to receive a meal.

Monday – Friday *

Lunch served 12:00 – 12:30pm

No meals served Monday, July 5th

The Folsom Cordova Unified School District (FCUSD) Food Services Department will be operating the Seamless Summer program at the following schools:

RANCHO CORDOVA Dates Available FOLSOM Dates Available
Cordova Gardens  June 1 - July 23 Blanche Sprentz  June 1 - July 23
Cordova Meadows  June 1 - July 23 Carl Sundahl  June 1 - June 18
Cordova Villa  June 1 - July 23 Empire Oaks  June 1 - June 18
Mather Heights Elem  June 1 - June 18 Folsom Hills  June 1 - June 18
Navigator  June 1 - June 18 Gold Ridge  June 1 - June 18
Peter J. Shields  June 1 - June 18 Natoma Station  June 1 - June 18
Rancho Cordova Elem  June 1 - July 23 Oak Chan  June 1 - June 18
Riverview   June 1 - June 18 Russel Ranch  June 1 - June 18
White Rock  June 1 - July 23 Sandra J. Gallardo  June 1 - June 18
Williamson  June 1 - July 23 Theodore Judah  June 1 - July 23
Mills Middle School  June 1 - July 23 Sutter (*only Mon-Thurs)  June 7 - July 1
Cordova High  June 3 - July 1 Folsom High  June 3 - July 1



Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year.

The district is now back on the National School Lunch/School Breakfast Programs.  (We are no longer on COVID-19 feeding as we were at the end of last school year).

Meals will be offered at all school sites and will be available every school day.  You must pick up your meal at your school of attendance.  Meals will be served non-congregate – we will not be using the cafeterias – and will only be served to children enrolled in the school.

Meals will be Grab-n-Go or served curbside.  Children can walk up and get a meal or they can be in a vehicle.  Children have to give their name or PIN to receive a meal; this data will be entered on the point of sale system. 

Children at the following elementary sites and at Cordova Lane Center do not have a PIN.  These sites are – Cordova Gardens, Cordova Meadows, Cordova Villa, Peter J Shield, Rancho Cordova Elementary, White Rock and Williamson.  These students will give their name to the server who will enter it in the TITAN point of sale computer to ensure that they are a student in the district.

Meal times:

 TK-5 11:30 - 12:30
 Middle Schools 12:00 - 1:00
 High Schools 12:30 - 1:30




Meal Prices:

                                        Elem         Secondary

Breakfast                           $.50        $.75

Lunch                                $1.50       $2.00


The charge for the reduced price students has been eliminated.  If you are getting a meal at the Paid price, please consider putting money on the account.  However, we will accept cash at all the sites.

Please call the Food Service Department at (916) 294-9011 if you have any questions.



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1)  Can I apply for free or reduced meals?   

Anyone can apply for free or reduced meals at any time during the school year.  The following schools are Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) sites, meaning all students at these schools eat breakfast and lunch at no charge. If your student attends one of these sites do not fill out a free/reduced meal application:  

  • Cordova Gardens Elementary
  • Cordova Meadows Elementary
  • Cordova Villa Elementary
  • Kinney High School
  • Mills Middle School
  • Peter J. Shields Elementary
  • Prospect Community Day School
  • Rancho Cordova Elementary
  • White Rock Elementary
  • Williamson Elementary

However, you will need to complete an application for siblings attending other schools.



2)  Where do I apply?

ONLINE- Towards the top left of this page is a square with the words “MEAL APPLICATIONS”.

               Click on the square to apply online.

 PAPER -  applications are available at the district office and most school sites (except CEP sites). 

Fill out the application completely and correctly.   Any incomplete/incorrect application will not be processed.


3)  My student received free/reduced meals last school year.  Do I need to apply again this year?

Unless you have received a letter stating that your student is Directly Certified for free or reduced lunch, then YES -- you must fill out a new application. Last year’s free/reduced status has a 30 day grace period that expires on September 23, 2020.  We have ten days from when we receive your correctly, completed application to process the application.  You are responsible for your student's breakfast or lunch if we have not processed an application for your student by September 23, 2020.


4)  Do I need to fill out separate applications for each of my students? 

NO.  Complete one application for all Folsom Cordova students in your household. Use your student’s name as it appears on their birth certificate.  If there are other students living in your household who attend a different school district, enter their names in the household section.


5)  My income is the same as last year.  Do I have to fill out an application for this school year?

YES. Applications are only good for one school year. Because the Federal Government changes the income eligibility guidelines every year, you need to complete an application for the current school year.  Remember when filling out the application, the income amount is GROSS, meaning BEFORE taxes.


6)  I have a Foster Child living in my household.  Do I need to fill out a separate application for that student?

No, you do not fill out a separate application.  Foster children who live with you may count as members of your household and should be listed on your application.  If applying for a Foster Child, only after completing step 1 on the application (make sure to check the Foster Child box) skip to step 4.


7)  Do I need to turn in any documentation with my application?

NO.  (Please note, if you are selected for verification you will be asked for income documentation from the month that you applied.)


8)  When will I find out if my student has been approved?

We have ten working days from when we receive your correctly completed application IN the Food Service Department to process your application.  Once your application has been processed, we will send you a letter with your student’s eligibility status.  (Please note, if you turned your application in at a school site it still has to be sent to our department by district mail.  This could take a few extra days).


9)  Can I use my approval letter for other services?

Yes.  There are other departments and agencies that accept the letter for their services.  PLEASE KEEP YOUR ORIGINAL LETTER FOR THIS PURPOSE.  By law, we cannot share your information with other departments or agencies. 


10)  My student had money on their account at the end of last school year and now attends a different school in the district.  Where is their money?       

Any balance left on your student’s account at the end of the last school year follows them to the next year and/or FCUSD school.


11)  If my student does not have money for lunch, can they charge their meal?  

Yes, but if your student's status is paid, you are responsible for any and all charges that are accumulated. 


12)  I have more than one student in the district, can they share a lunch account?

Yes. If you would like your students to share an account, meaning they share the balance amount in the account, please call the Food Service Department at 916-294-9011 and we will be happy to set this up for you.


13)  How do I monitor or put money in my student’s account?

Online or send cash or a check with your student.  See below for online instructions.

Online – Folsom Cordova Food Service uses Titan School Solutions, a secure and convenient way to pay for school meals. (Even if you don't pay online, you can monitor meal activity and request an email reminder for low balances.)

Below are directions to register your student in Titan. It is a two-step process.  You will need your student’s ID# for registering, which you can get by contacting either the school site or Food Service at 916-294-9011.

Parent registration:

After registering yourself (Titan website is not Internet Explorer compatible), you will receive an email (if you don’t see the email check your spam), this will direct you to then do the second part of the registration, the student side.

For payment purposes, you can use a MasterCard, Visa Card, or debit card to make a deposit to your student’s account.  The money will show in your student’s account within minutes. (Note: regarding “Low Balance Notification”; unless you specify an amount above $5.00, the notification defaults to $5.00)

Linking student's accounts:   Linking accounts together can save you money and time.  If you use Titan, you only need to add money to one student's account (therefore paying only one fee), which then shows up on any linked student's account.  If you send money or a check with one student, that amount would then show for all linked students, even if the students attend different schools.  If you would like to have your student's accounts linked together please call Food Service at 916-294-9011.

Recurring payments: If you have recurring deposits into your student's account unless you stop it for summer, deposits will still be deducted from your bank account.


If you have a question that was not answered in the above FAQ, please call Food Services at:



Good nutrition and learning go hand in hand!

The Nutritional Services department is made up of a team of food and nutrition professionals that are dedicated to students' health, well being, and their ability to learn. We support learning by promoting healthy habits for lifelong nutrition and fitness practices.

Meals, foods, and beverages sold or served at schools meet state and federal requirements which are based on the USDA Dietary Guidelines. We provide students with access to a variety of affordable and appealing foods that meet the health and nutrition needs of students.

Notice: The California Revenue and Taxation Code (RTC) Section 19853(b) requires local educational agencies (LEA) that operate the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) to annually notify households about the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Information Act.

Earned Income Tax Credit Information Act Communication

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