BREAKFAST at Colonial 
Breakfast is offered at ALL Colonial Schools and is available at no cost for all Colonial Students.

  • School Breakfast will give your child a healthy start to the day.
  • Studies show that a nutritious breakfast helps students stay more alert, more focused, and have the energy they need to learn effectively.
  • Breakfast provides needed vitamins and nutrients for a strong and healthy body.
  • All students arriving late to school can come to the cafeteria for a complete breakfast meal.

Delaware Schools Bringing Breakfast to the Classroom!
One way that our state’s school districts are working to improve participation in breakfast is through an alternative breakfast service model, such as breakfast in the classroom or a grab and go. These models serve to provide children with more time to eat breakfast in the morning, without infringing on critically important instructional time. Some schools have increased participation by more than 400 percent! *

To review the Food Bank of Delaware and Delaware Department of Education’s school breakfast report in its entirety, please click  here.

 Check out this cool YouTube video on Delaware schools and the importance of breakfast.

Colonial’s Nutrition Services offers convenient breakfast service options to help increase access to breakfast for all of our students.

Traditional Grab & Go:
Students come from the bus to the cafeteria (or centrally located kiosk cart), select their choice of breakfast (check out the “Menus” tab for specific menu items), and head to their classroom to eat. Items offered for breakfast are easy to eat and individually packaged for easy access and easier clean up.

Breakfast in the Classroom:
Students come from the bus and head straight to their classroom. Complete breakfast meals will be individually bagged and sent to each classroom using laundry baskets, push carts, or coolers. Students have option to select one bottle of milk and a second serving of fruit. Meals will be eaten in the classroom.
* School Breakfast Challenge. (n.d.). Food Bank of Delaware. Retrieved June 30, 2014, from

Important Information Regarding Food Allergies at Breakfast:

  • How will students with food allergies be managed during breakfast when no student pin numbers are entered into the cash register? 
    **Please note that this is a suggested process, each building will work collaboratively to develop an appropriate system. **

    Students who ride the bus, ride in a car, or walk to school will navigate to the cafeteria for breakfast and immediately head to a central location in the cafeteria where laminated ID cards on lanyards will be located.
  1. Students will grab their specific ID card and lanyards (lanyards can be decorated for easy identification, or use colored paper for specific grades).
  2. Student will head into the same designated allergy serving line to grab their breakfast instead of entering a pin number student will hand the cashier their ID card.
  3. The cashier will review each card and ensure an appropriate meal will be served.
  4. At the end of breakfast the cashier will collect all cards and return them to the centralized location in the cafeteria.