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How Coordinated School Health Utilizes these 8 Components


Health and Safety Policies and Environment:

 - We partner with the Drug Alliance to help stop drug use among youth

- We also assist schools with A.E.D. Drills to help create a safe environment


Health Education:

- "You Have the Power" Cancer Awareness (high school)

- Tobacco Education (all grades)

- Provide "Choices" magazine (7th grade)

- Miss Healthy (grades K-3rd and 5th)

- "Be In Charge" Partnership with Centerstone (high school)

- Dental Education during Dental Health Month

- "MythBusters" HIV Education (high school)

- Programs


Physical Education and Other Physical Activity Programs

- Professional Development for P.E. Teachers

- Increasing physical action with funding by Project Diabetes Grant

(walking tracks, fitness equipment, etc.)

- Afterschool Pilot physical activity program through Department of Health


Nutrition Services

- Second Harvest Backpack Program (6th-12th grades)

- Nutritional Nuggets monthly newsletter (PreK-5th grades)

- Fruits for Families


Health Services

- Health screenings that check height, weight, blood pressure, hearing, vision, and scoliosis (6th grade only)

PreK, K, 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, and High School Wellness classes

- Partnership with Benton County Health Department (student flu shots)


Counseling, Psychological, and Social Services

- Professional Development for our School Counselors


Health Promotion for Staff

- Promotion of Flu Shots for staff

-Teacher Fit

- Partnership with U.T. Extension for Walk Across TN


Family and Community Involvement

- Partnership with "Amazing Race" for prize incentives to increase physical activity

- Carhartt Safety and Wellness Event

- Health Expo

- Benton County Health Council