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Harvest of the Month (HOTM)

Harvest of the Month provides nutrition education and resources designed to motivate and empower students to increase fruit and vegetable consumption, enjoy a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables, and to engage students in physical activity every day connecting the classroom, cafeteria, home, and community.

Our Monthly HOTM features produce that is grown in California and also in season, which is when they cost less and are fresh!

It is important for students to be exposed to a variety of fruits and vegetables. Studies show that healthy eating as well as physical activity can have a profound impact on the body and improve the ability to learn and comprehend.


Each slide deck is set to "View Only" mode. Please make a copy of the slide deck in order to add it to your Google Classroom to copy and share with your students.
Students should view each slide and click on the video to follow along throughout the lesson.

2020-2021 HOTM & MyPlate Lesson Archives

February is National Dental Month

Check out additional resources for your classroom to Celebrate Dental Health with your Students & Families.

Food Waste Recycling

Twin Rivers supports recycling and supports reducing the amount of food waste going to landfills. With food waste recycling in many of our cafeterias, Twin Rivers is taking a lead in helping to reduce food waste and wants to encourage Twin Rivers Families to learn more about how recycling, reducing, and reusing to protect our earth with 3 exciting activities!

1. Complete three lessons with your student to learn about soil health, food waste reduction, and air quality

Lesson 1 - The Dirt on Compost

Lesson 2 - The Dirt on Food Waste

Lesson 3 - Feed Yourself, Not the Bin

2. Take the Compost Challenge with free Micro-Compost kits

    1. Click here to register for your free Micro-Compost kit
    2. Pick up your compost kit from Orchard Elementary on Wednesday, January 13 - February 10 between 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.
    3. Watch this video to learn how to assemble your kit
    4. Click here for instructions on how to create the Micro-Composters
    5. Click here to upload pictures of your project - Win a mini prize



3. Make sorting your Food Waste a Family Habit

    1. Practice sorting your food waste each week, bring your fruit and vegetable compostables each Wednesdays from 11:30-12:30 to Orchard Elementary for a chance to win a $100 grocery shopping spree
    2. Click here for a hand-out on our Food Scrap Drop-Off at Orchard Elementary

HOTM/Do's and Don'ts Food Scraps.png

Extra Credit! For the Classroom

Families and students alike will enjoy the breakfast google slide lesson provided by the Dairy Council of California. Complete the lesson as a family and share it with your teacher too! Simply make a copy of the slide deck and save to your google drive - School Breakfast Week Lesson. The slides are interactive and cover the essential questions – Why is breakfast important? And What foods can you choose to make a healthy breakfast? Students will love completing the activities in the lesson and families will love the healthy breakfast ideas.

Family Newsletter - Tips to help you & your family remain happy and Healthy.

Family Newsletter - English

Family Newsletter - Spanish

Healthy Eating for Busy Families - English

Healthy Eating for Busy Families - Spanish

MyPlate - Parent Handout - English

MyPlate - Parent Handout - Spanish


October - Grapes

November - Sweet Potatoes

December - Apples

January - Salad Greens

February - Citrus

March - Cooked Greens

April - Cucumbers

May - Strawberries