File Manager -> Future_Farmers_of_America_Color.jpegAquaponics is coming to our Plant & Animal Science Classes!

Our FFA Organization will be growing lettuce for the kitchen during the winter months and the way they are doing it is Aquaponics.

File Manager -> Blanchester_Lettuce_Seedlings.jpgAquaponics! That is the term used when hydroponics & aquaculture is combined.

We'll be raising catfish and using their water to irrigate our leaf lettuce. The system will be used by the Plant & Animal Science Classes and the lettuce will be harvested and used in our high school kitchen. File Manager -> Blanchester_Catfish_Pool.jpg
It all comes together!
File Manager -> Blanchester_Fish_and_Lettuce.jpg
Options for the catfish include having a chapter fish fry or stocking a local pond.

More to come... check back to see our progress!