Child Nutrition Rules and Regulations
A meal must contain less than 30% total fat, less than 10% saturated fat, 450–588 breakfast calories and 600–783 lunch calories (ages 5–12). The approved student reimbursable lunch is one entree and at least one other item. Students may select a maximum of one entree, one or more energy and sweeter sides and a milk. 
USDA Nutrient Analysis
A typical elementary school lunch contains:
Calories:  645
Cholesterol:  51mg
Sodium:  1134mg
Fiber:  6.28 G
Iron:  2.95mg
Calcium:  445.30mg
Vitamin A:  5087 IU
Vitamin C:  40.36mg
Protein:  26.11 G
Carbohydrates:  91.58 G
 Total Fat:  20.39 G
Trans Fat:  .002 G