EduCafe Express is a staff meal program that the SVUSD Food Service Department is implementing to deliver our Café meals to the school sites across the district.  We realize that many of the district employees have not had the opportunity to visit our Café, located across the street from the district office, so we are bringing the Café to you.  You will order your meals online, pay for them online, and we will deliver it to your school site.  It is that easy!  It is a requirement that everyone that participates in this program creates and put funds into an online meal account as no payment will be accepted at the point of service.  You can order in advance or up until 8:30am on the day you are requesting lunch.

 You should have already received an email with your number but if not and are interested send us an email at


EduCafe Express Menu


EduCafe Setup Instructions


  Click here to begin and thank you for using our new Educafe Express!!!!