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What's New?


New Meal Changes

School lunches are changing this year.  We are now required to offer vegetable subgroups to student, and they will be required to have 1/2 cup of either fruit or vegetable on their lunch tray to count as a reimbursable meal.  We are now required to offer the following subgroup of vegetables:

  • Dark Green- 1/2 cup per week
  • Dark Red or Orange- 3/4 cup per week
  • Beans or Peas- 1/2 cup per week
  • Starchy Vegetables- 1/2 cup per week
  • other Vegetables- 1/2 cup per week
  • Fruits- 2 1/2 cup per week

Empire School District has had salad bars for many years and have always offered fruit and vegetables at each meal. 

Please encourage your child to choose and eat at least 1/2 cup per day of either fruit or vegetables for lunch.  Studies have shown that children will copy what their parents eat, so the key to change is up to you " Be a good role model by eating your fruits and vegetables too?  Actions speak louder than words, and your child is watching you.

We have hired staff to make sure each child has 1/2 cup of fruit or vegetable on their tray.