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Nutrition Services......

         We are Working Hard to Continue Feeding All of our Students!


COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact on everyone!   Not only has it impacted how we are educating our students, it has also impacted how we are safely feeding our students.  The Nutrition Services staff are following all Safety Guidelines when preparing meals.   All staff are wearing face masks and are continuing to follow proper hand washing and glove changes. Students will practice social distancing in the cafeteria serving lines and only the Nutrition Services Staff will be preparing and serving the meals. Any staff exhibiting any of the COVID-19 systems are not permitted to work.

Obtaining many of our student favorites to serve is proving to be challenging!  You may have also witnessed the same while shopping for your families.   Many of the products that you used in the past may be difficult to find, requiring you to select an alternate item until your favorite is once again available.

Meal service in each school is school specific, dependent upon the size of the cafeteria.  Many of our students will rotate between eating in the cafeteria and their classrooms.   Our K-8 students will be able to choose between one hot lunch option with the choice between four fruit/vegetable sides, or one pre-packaged Grab'N Go Complete Meal. 

We encourage parents to use the on-line payment system,  My School Bucks, to place money on student meal accounts.  

Meal service is available for our Virtual Students, by signing up for meals on the District Homepage. Meals will be available for pickup every Monday that school is in session.  


All students will receive meals at no charge for the 2020-21 school year.   Students who are learning virtually and have been approved for free or reduced meal benefits are eligible for Pandemic EBT benefits.  Please review the Pandemic EBT Frequently Asked Questions information sheet by clicking on the attached link.

Pandemic EBT Frequently Asked Question 2020-21.pdf