Our Wellness Policy

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Wellness Policy

Balance is essential for any Wellness Policy. Key areas include:

  • Nutrition Education
  • Physical activity
  • Other school-based activities that are designed to promote student wellness.


If you or you know someone who would like to be part of a Wellness Committee, please contact us at Food Services 626-966-8331.  


Results from Parent Meeting

English Language Advisory Committee


Welcome and introductions were made.  Natacha from Food Services presented a series on healthy eating.  She shared information about sugar content, fat content, and healthy option and alternatives for snacks and meals.  Natasha brought some items and showed us the sugar content of these items (very shocking!)


August 20, 2018

Community Member, COUSD Class of 2016 Alumni

and Cal. Poly Pomona-----Dietetic Major Sam R. Creator of

"The Cuba Bowl"

After spending a total of 46 hours thru out the Summer in a variety of tasks and observations in the COUSD Food Service Department, Sam R. had the challenge of producing a menu/main entrée with ingredients that the department currently carries.

The Cuban Bowl was then created. The bowl consisted of a layering of food products. Brown rice seasoned with Spanish seasoning, sautéed bell peppers and onions, black beans and shredded pork.

The Results......

Very positive feedback given by current COHS students.

72 Taste Test servings were created

Returned Questioner total 42

Like by 41

No Opinion 1

Comment Section/Feed Back:

Needed more flavor such as salt/spicier----------------------3

Keep products separated--------------------------------------3

The Bomb!/"It's Supper Good:))" ----------------------------2

Would like the vegetables to be more crunchy---------------1