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Meals, foods and beverages sold or served at schools meet state and federal requirements based on the USDA Dietary Guidelines. All meals, foods and beverages are prepared and served by qualified child nutrition professionals. We provide students with access to a variety of affordable and appealing foods that meet the health and nutrition needs of students.

Offer vs. Serve

We emphasize good nutrition and follow a meal pattern approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The lunch meal consists of five food items from four components each day: meat or meat alternate (such as cheese), vegetable, fruits, grain and milk. To minimize food waste, save money and to encourage healthy choices, we allow students to choose the foods they plan to eat. Three of the foods from the lunch group must be chosen. Breakfast consists of four food components and students are required to take at least three. The price of the meal is the same regardless of whether all foods are taken. We encourage students to choose all items.

Meal Prices 2017-2018:

All Schools:       Breakfast $1.35  Lunch $2.85

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