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Department Contact Information

Kansas City Public Schools
2901 Troost-1st Floor
Kansas City, MO 64106
Department Fax: 816-418-7431

School Phone Number List-1

Name: Gwen Childs
Title: Director
Phone: 816-418-7457

Name: Wanice Buford
Title: Administrative Assistant to Dept Director
Phone: 816-418-7758

Name: Katlyn Jones
Title: Dietitian Area Supervisor
Phone: 816-418-7017

Name: Thomas Belisle
Title: Chef Area Supervisor
Phone: 816-418-7436

Name: Mary Porter
Title: Child Nutrition Area Supervisor
Phone: 816-418-7452

Name: Susan Young
Title: Child Nutrition Area Supervisor
Phone: 816-418-7756

Name: Jordan Gordon
Title: Child Nutrition Area Supervisor
Phone: 816-418-7011

Name: Brian VanHandel
Title: OneSource Support
Phone: 816-418-7733

Name: Louida George
Title: Accounting Techincian
Phone: 816-418-7423

Name: Esther Alvarado
Title: Payroll Technician
Phone: 816-418-7840

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