PUSD BID INFO 2018-2019 Opened 5/1/18bid-list.jpg

Print Legal Notice, and Debarment letter, sign and attach to bid number packet you are bidding on.  Sealed bids will be received up until the specified bid dates and times in the Legal Notice form. Please indicate the bid number on the outside of the sealed envelope submitted. 

It is recommended that you download each file before viewing. Sign and print all required files. Any late bids, bids missing signatures or required information are cause for denial of bid. 

If you have any questions call the Porterville Student Nutrition Department at (559)782-7062

Bid Terms for #658, #659, #660, #661, #662

Board Policy/Code of Ethics

Debarment Letter (all vendors must sign and attach to bid) 

Legal Notice to Vendors (all vendors must sign and attach to bid)                                                                                                              

1.Produce Bid 658 released 5/1/18

       a.) Produce excel file (must download file to work)

2.Bread Bid 659 released 5/1/18

3.Cold, Frozen, Dry Bid 660 released 5/1/18

4.Janitorial & Supply Bid 661 released 5/1/18

5.Milk Bid #662 released 5/1/18

6. Addendum 5/22/18

7. Addendum 5/24/18

8. Addendum 6/12/18 Bid #661 Janitorial