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New School Meal Requirements


 There are USDA requirements for school meals. These include -

  • Students will now be required to have at least 1/2 cup of fruit or vegetables on their tray at lunch and breakfast for it to count as a full meal. We offer a variety of fruits and vegetables each day to give the students more items to select from.
  • 51% of all grains offered for school lunches and breakfasts must be at least 51% whole grain rich. Our grain products meet this requirement. This includes items such as bread, hamburger and hotdog buns, dinner rolls, breading on chicken items, pizza crusts, and desserts.
  • We must offer vegetables from the following groups each week: dark green, orange/red, and dried beans/peas (legumes). We also have the option to include starchy and other vegetables. We will be working towards this goal by serving fresh veggies with reduced fat ranch dressing, steamed dark green vegetables, switching all salads to a blend of romaine, spring mix or spinach, offering baby carrots with fat free ranch dressing dip, and offering more beans, and a variety of other vegetables during the week.
  • All white milk and flavored milks are 1% lowfat. 
  • Beginning the 2014-2015 school year, the USDA required lower sodium limits. JCSC serves meals that meet these requirements. We do not add salt to our cooking, and do not offer it to the students to add to their food.

 How You Can Help:

  • Encourage your children to try new things at home and school.
  • Remind your child to select at least one fruit or vegetable every day for lunch at school.
  • Encourage eating whole grain breads and cereals at home. 



For information on the new Meal Patterns established by the USDA click here!