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Department Contact Information

Glynn County Schools
4404 Glynco Parkway
Brunswick, GA 31525
Phone: (912) 267-4100 ext. 1355
Name: Shelley Daniel
Title: Director of School Nutrition
Phone: (912) 267-4100 ext. 1355

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Name: Patti LaNeve
Title: Purchasing Specialist
Phone: 912-267-4100 ext. 1355

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Name: Erin Doane
Title: Training / Compliance Specialist
Phone: (912) 267-4100 ext. 3267

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Name: Megan Strickland, RD, LD
Title: Registered Dietitian
Phone: (912) 267-4100 ext. 1352

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Name: Lauren Jones
Title: Bookkeeper
Phone: 912-267-4100 ext. 1353

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Name: Marie Beverley
Title: Free & Reduced Application Specialist
Phone: 912-267-4100 ext. 1351

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Name: Paul O'Brien
Title: Maintenance Technician
Phone: 912-267-4100 ext. 2912

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Name: Sandy Wasdin
Title: School Nutrition Manager, Altama Elementary
Phone: 912-264-3563 x1191

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Name: Joanna Riley
Title: School Nutrition Manager, Burroughs-Molette Elementary
Phone: 912-267-4130 x 4012

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Name: Kristina Monks
Title: School Nutrition Manager, C.B. Greer Elementary
Phone: 912-267-4135 x 3928

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Name: Debbie Baker
Title: School Nutrition Manager, Glyndale Elementary
Phone: 912-264-8740 x 3451

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Name: Beth Strickland
Title: School Nutrition Manager, Golden Isles Elementary
Phone: 912-264-6822 x 3761

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Name: Michelle Cribbs
Title: School Nutrition Manager, Goodyear Elementary
Phone: 912-267-4170 x 3544

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Name: Ae Mills
Title: School Nutrition Manager, Oglethorpe Point Elementary
Phone: 912-638-6200 x 5665

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Name: Lorie Holland
Title: School Nutrition Manager, Sterling Elementary
Phone: 912-279-1509 x 5557

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Name: Rebecca Rose
Title: School Nutrition Manager, Satilla Marsh Elementary
Phone: 912-265-3675 x 1410

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Name: Paula Baker
Title: School Nutrition Manager, Saint Simons Elementary
Phone: 912-638-2851 x 2316

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Name: Doris Cain
Title: School Nutrition Manager, Glynn Middle School
Phone: 912-267-4150 x 2172

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Name: DeAnn Davis
Title: School Nutrition Manager, Jane Macon Middle School
Phone: 912-265-3337 x 4662

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Name: Amy Dicks
Title: School Nutrition Manager, Needwood Middle School
Phone: 912-261-4488 x 5311

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Name: Erin Iandoli
Title: School Nutrition Manager, Risley Middle School
Phone: 912-280-4020 x 5876

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Name: Helene Denker
Title: School Nutrition Manager, Brunswick High School
Phone: 912-267-4200 x 6355

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Name: Denise Spell
Title: School Nutrition Manager, Glynn Academy High School
Phone: 912-267-4210 x 3261

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