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Department Contact Information

North Andover Public Schools
430 Osgood Street
North Andover, MA 01845
Phone: 978-794-1895
Staff Photo Name: Erika Murphy
Title: Director of Food & Nutrition Services
Phone: (978) 794-1895

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Name: Mary Ann Cummings
Title: Administrative Assistant to the Director of Food & Nutrition Services
Phone: 978-794-1895 Ext 2

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Name: Holly Cogliano
Title: Floating Cook Manager
Phone: 978-794-1895 Ext 3

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Name: Heather LaVerdiere
Title: Inventory Manager
Phone: 978-794-1895

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Name: Dorca Ortiz
Title: Cook/Manager - High School
Phone: 978-794-1895

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Name: Joyce Philbrick
Title: Cook/Manager - Middle School
Phone: 978-794-2050

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Name: Linda Polo
Title: Receiving Kitchen Supervisor - Sargent School
Phone: 978-725-3673

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Name: Kristin Medwar - Atkinson School
Title: Receiving Kitchen Supervisor
Phone: 978-794-0214

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Name: Christine Schena
Title: Receiving Kitchen Supervisor - Franklin School
Phone: 978-794-1990

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Name: Sandy LaVallee
Title: Receiving Kitchen Supervisor - Kittredge School
Phone: 978-794-1688

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Name: Wil Herrera
Title: Receiving Kitchen Supervisor - Thomson School
Phone: 978-794-1545

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Name: Karen Keough
Title: Receiving Kitchen Supervisor - Anne Bradstreet Early Childhood Center
Phone: 978-794-1577

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Name: Cheryl Deveaux - Elementary Schools Snack Program
Title: District Baker
Phone: 978-794-0124

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