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There are no published menus for the current selection.

Children who are not hungry feel better, learn better, and behave better.

Summer meals
Breakfast and lunch are available on regularly scheduled days in EVSC’s schools.  Meal serving times are scheduled by the administration at each school.  All menus for the EVSC schools meet the dietary guidelines as established by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).
Menus and nutrient information are posted on the EVSC's Food and Nutrition webpage. Click here to view.

School Meal Prices

  Grades K-5 Grades 6-8 Grades 9-12
Paid Breakfast $1.45 $1.45 $1.60
Reduced Breakfast $0.30 $0.30 $0.30
Paid Lunch $2.15 $2.35 $2.55
Reduced Lunch $0.40 $0.40 $0.40
Adult Lunch $4.60 $4.60 $4.60
Adult Breakfast  $2.50 $2.50 $2.50