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Welcome to School Nutrition Services! 

With the Corona Virus Crisis at hand, we recommend you visit this link: Resources and Answers to Common Corona Virus Questions (click on this link)  for information we believe will answer many of your questions and provide you with links to resources you may find useful.  

  • Universal feeding for all students in MCPS has been extended to end of SY 2021 by USDA
  • Continue to apply online for SY 2020-2021 meal applications.  The 2020-2021 application information will be used in SY2021-2022 until 30 days after the first day of school.  After which another new application will need to be submitted by families by the 31 day of the first day of school

*If you have questions about school nutrition programs, please contact us by email to We will answer your phone call to 540-382-5109.  Emailing our office, however, is the most expeditious way to receive a reply.



Five Star Meals

Upcoming Events

School Lunch Hero Day. 
Celebrate with us by letting your School Kitchen know how they help your day at school.

Parents & caregivers can text FOOD or COMIDA to 877-877 to find their nearest food distribution sites. Help spread the word by sharing on social media and with your friends, family and colleagues.  The service is now live in 40 states, including Washington, DC, with approximately 45,000 sites nationwide.

Delay in P-EBT cards for Round 3 and Round 4 maybe 4 weeks due to mechanical breakdown.

Round 4, P-EBT, (3.15.2021)

P-EBT Client Flyer and FAQ Documents

The P-EBT client flyer and FAQs in English and Spanish are below.

P-EBT Retroactive Benefits 

A P-EBT payment for October and November combined benefits will be released to existing SNAP EBT and P-EBT cards on March 17, and new cards will be mailed on the same date to arrive in about 10 business days. The combined December and January payment will be released on March 20, in the same manner. The benefit amounts were determined based on VDSS calculations of the state's average number of school days per month from October through January.

P-EBT Call Center

VDSS has staffed a call center exclusively for P-EBT that will be open on Monday, 3/15 after 12 noon. Please direct all household questions and concerns about P-EBT to the call center Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 866-513-1414 or 804-294-1633. Households may also use the online P-EBT inquiry form

Or email:

Lost or Discarded P-EBT Cards

Households that lost or discarded their previous P-EBT card should contact ConnectEBT, not the VDSS call center, at 866-281-2448.

P-EBT Ongoing

The February benefit will be paid on March 25. 


Apply for benefits online. 
Use this link to apply on line. 
CLICK on the link below:
My School Apps Button

Information for you:

  • To help ensure the health and safety of all our students and staff, we ask that parents please consider funding their student’s meal account online through MySchoolBucks. This will help minimize the amount of cash/check deposits that need to be handled throughout the day, which allows us to focus on serving meals as fast, efficiently, and safely as possible. 
    • In addition to paying online for meals, your free MySchoolBucks account also makes it easy to check your student’s balance, set up low balance alerts, and view cafeteria purchases from anywhere.

      Get Started Today:
    1. Go to or download the mobile app
    2. Create your free account and add your students using their school name / student ID
    3. Add funds using your credit / debit card or electronic check
    4. A program fee may apply. You will have the opportunity to review any fees and cancel if you choose, before you are charged.
    5. Set up automatic payments and never forget to send in lunch money again.
  • All snacks & a la carte items meet the regulations for Smart Snack Compliance. If you would like to see if your snack meets the regulations check out the Smart Snack Calculator. A complete list of all nutrition fact labels and smart snack sheets can be located at the SNP Office. 
  • If you would like to put a restriction on your student's account please contact SNP Office.  
  • Please visit our page on Food Safety for useful information to parents and families.
  • USDA reveals that consumers may not know how to safely cook frozen foods, which can put families at risk of getting foodborne illness in their homes. CLICK HERE for link to new findings