What's New

What's New?

Welcome Back!

We're excited about the new menu offerings for 2018-19. 

  • Our new breakfast menu will now focus on modern offerings to meet the needs of our families.  From tasty muffins, breakfast bars, and breakfast breads, to fresh fruits. 
  • The new lunch menu will focus on whole grains, seasonal vegetables, and healthy lean proteins, all with improved flavor profiles.  
  • Our fish tacos are from wild alaskan pollock from Trident Seafood, Seattle Washington.  It's "Buy American" compliant, from a family owned company.  Trident only utilizes US flagged fishing vessels, nothing ever twice frozen or from China or Russia.
  • The pulled pork carnitas is pork from Brockwood Farms, North Carolina.  Wood family owned for 4 decades.  Real wood burning smoke pits, no gas, and no liquid smoke additives.
  • Wild Mike's Pizzas are on the menu this year.  Healthy turkey pepperoni and whole wheat pizza crusts, and an ingredient list you can actually read and understand.

Thank you all for taking the time to hear about what we have going on.  The new school years applications are available.  Please keep in mind applications do not roll over and a new application will need to be submitted.


Please contact us with questions.