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 About Our Lunches

A lunch consists of a meat or meat alternate, grain, fruit, vegetable and milk. A student may select all five items; however, they may choose a minimum of three of the five items, one of which must be a vegetable or fruit.

If the Food Service Department receives a note from your child’s physician noting an allergy to dairy products, the note must indicate the necessity to substitute a juice for a milk. Otherwise, if not stated in the note, the child may get a drink from the water fountain or may purchase a non-dairy alternative drink through the cafeteria.

Whats for lunch?

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School Meal Prices
  Full Pay Breakfast Reduced Price Breakfast Full Pay Lunch Reduced Price Lunch
Elementary $1.50 $.30 $2.50 $.40
Middle School/Jr. High/High School $1.50 $.30 $2.75 $.40
Adult Meals $2.25   $3.75  


*Note: For Jr. High and High School, other meals are available at tiered pricing.
An additional entree can be purchased for an extra charge. Prices may vary.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.