Going Green


Meal prices for school year 2021-2022

  Breakfast (Per Month)

Lunch (Per Month)


  Adult Guests

Elementary - $2.35 ($47)

Secondary - $2.45 ($49)

Elementary - $4.00 ($80)

Secondary - $4.00 ($80)

Student Second Meals & Youth Guests

Elementary - $1.90 ($38)

Secondary - $2.10 ($42)

Elementary - $3.15 ($63)

Secondary - $3.55 ($71)

Second Entree  

Elementary - $2.20 ($44)

Secondary - $2.50 ($50)

Milk $0.50 ($10)

$0.50 ($10)

Per month prices are based upon 20 days/month.


Menus can be found using the links below (update coming soon)
Once looking at the menu, you can view allergens, nutrients, carbohydrates and print the menu for your fridge. You can even choose to view the menu in another language!

Go GREEN by signing up for emails of monthly menus.  Just click on the green Going Green Menus link on the right side of this page.


Please note:  we will make every effort to follow our planned menus as posted, however due to COVID we are experiencing staffing AND supply chain shortages. When possible we will keep our online menus up to date, however there may be site dependent shortages (staffing or food products) which will require us to make last minute changes to the menu. Our hope both issues will resolve quickly this Fall!  Thank you for your patience and for participating in our program!