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At West Carrollton Schools we know that good nutrition and learning go hand in hand.        

The Food Services department is made up of a team of food and nutrition professionals that are dedicated to students' health, well being and their ability to learn. We support learning by promoting healthy habits for lifelong nutrition and fitness practices.

Meals, foods and beverages sold or served at schools meet state and federal requirements which are based on the USDA Dietary Guidelines. We provide students with access to a variety of affordable and appealing foods that meet the health and nutrition needs of students.

The USDA has issued a final Lunch Nutrition Standard that limits our serving sizes per week, thus limiting our daily serving sizes.  We have no control over these limitations, so if you have a complaint about the new limits, please contact the USDA.


Lunch Charge Policy

West Carrollton Schools’ Child Nutrition Department is self-supporting. It receives no money from the district’s General Fund budget, tax levies or property taxes. Child Nutrition is funded only from federal reimbursements and student payments to cover all operating expenses and fees. By federal law, Child Nutrition Department must meet or exceed expenditures. Therefore, unpaid charges would affect the ability for the Child Nutrition Department to support itself.

The Child Nutrition Department Meal charge procedure goals:

  1. To treat all students with dignity in the serving line regarding meal accounts;
  2. To establish a consistent department procedure regarding meal charges, and the collection of charges;
  3. To encourage parents to assume responsibility for meal payments and to promote student self-responsibility;
  4. To support situations with district staff, district business policies, students and parents to the maximum extent possible.

Students and staff in the West Carrollton School District may pre-pay lunches utilizing our point-of-sale lunch account system. Lunches may be pre-paid daily, weekly, monthly, or even annually. Money may be deposited directly at the school cafeteria, or for your convenience, online. Online payments may be made by setting up an account on where you can make deposits using a credit/debit card, monitor accounts, and even set up low balance reminders. Even if you choose not to make online deposits, setting up an account at will allow parents to monitor spending, and set up low balance reminders. Parents may also download the free mobile phone app at for additional convenience.

The West Carrollton School district recognizes that on occasion, students may forget to bring meal money to school. To ensure that students not go hungry, but also to promote responsible student behavior and minimize the fiscal burden to the Food & Nutrition Services Department, the District will enforce the following policies by grade level:

  1. ELEMENTARY & MIDDLE SCHOOLS (Grades K-8) are allowed (3) complete lunch charges. However, the charging of any and all ala carte items is prohibited.
  2. HIGH SCHOOL (Grades 9-12) will not be allowed to charge any meals or a la carte items causing their meal account to go into a deficit balance.
  3. ADULTS will not be allowed to charge any meals or a la carte items causing their meal account to go into a deficit balance.

For newly enrolled students, there is a five (5)-day grace period during which new students may receive lunch. This allows for the processing of meal eligibility applications.

Parents/Guardians are continually encouraged to submit a “Free/Reduced Meal Application”. If the student qualifies for:

  1. FREE meals – charges will be reviewed and, if warranted, will be forgiven.
  2. REDUCED meals – the balance on student’s account will be adjusted accordingly and the parent/guardian will be responsible for the adjusted balance.

Each student (Grades K-8) may charge up to three (3) complete lunches (totaling… for ALL reduced students - $1.20; for full pay students K-5th grades $8.25 6th – 8th grades $9.00). Each student will receive courtesy meals after the three (3) complete lunch charge limit has been met.

Courtesy Meal Procedure

  1. When a student makes their first complete lunch charge to their account, parents/guardians will be notified via One Call Now that the meal account has a negative balance. One Call Now notification calls will be made weekly until the charges are paid in full.
  2. After the third charge, the student will receive a courtesy meal consisting of a cheese sandwich, fruit or vegetable and a white milk to ensure that all students are receiving the USDA required three (3) components for a complete meal. Parents/Guardians will continue to receive a One Call Now notification that the account has a negative balance.

Trays are not taken from a student; we take great care in making certain that no student with a negative balance receives a meal that is not a courtesy meal, however, we know that mistakes can happen. If a student with a negative balance receives a meal by mistake, the student will keep the meal and it will be added to the student’s account, increasing the amount of charges owed on the account.

Refunds for withdrawn, and graduating students; a written request for a refund of any money remaining in their account must be submitted. An email request is also acceptable. Students who are graduating at the end of the year will be given the option to transfer to a sibling’s account with a written request.

Unclaimed Funds must be requested within one full year. Unclaimed funds will then become the property of the West Carrollton Food Service Program.

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2018-19 Meal Prices

2018-19 Free and Reduced Meal Application - Printable Version