Online Payments: Paying for your student’s meals online provides parents an easy option. Depositing money into your student’s meal account couldn’t be easier. Online payments allow parents a user friendly, secure way to pay for student meals. Convenient payment methods include credit card, debit card and e-fund checks. Parents taking advantage of the online payment program can review student meal accounts, account balances and activity through at any time. Please visit to establish an account and have your student(s) school ID number handy.

Other Payment Options: We encourage payments be made before school in the cafeteria to avoid slowing down service during lunch. Checks made payable to the student’s school, that include the student’s name and ID number, may be mailed to NUSD Food Service Department,1931 Arena Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95834. For assistance please call (916) 567-5472; office hours are Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Returned Checks: Please be aware that a $20 fee is charged for each returned check, and that check writing privileges will be suspended until the charges are cleared.


We realize there are times when children forget to bring lunch money or funds in meal accounts run out. As a courtesy to you, the following procedures have been established to notify families when students charge a meal.

We do not encourage students to charge meals but will allow up to $10 at the elementary level.  Students are given a note to take home when their account has 2 meals left, l meal left, when they have a zero balance and again when they have to charge.  After charges reaching $10 have been made the automated dialing system contacts the home and the cafeteria staff will do follow up contacts to the parent if the payment is not forthcoming.

A la Carte items may not be charged.  These items would be removed from the tray and a student will be offered to purchase or charge a meal.  Decisions will be made based on each individual situation regarding the continuance and collection of charges.  At the end of the year, a report is given to the school principal to aid in collection of any remaining outstanding charges.  Charging is not allowed at the middle and high school level.

Additional Requirements:

  • · Charges are not allowed for milk, juice or ala-carte items.*
  • · Secondary students are required to clear charges before purchasing ala-carte items.

*If students have personal money or money on account, they can purchase ala-carte items when they choose.


Students that enroll on the same day they are eating lunch are claimed under the paid status unless an application for free and reduced priced meals has been completed and approved.


Schools request sack lunches for field trips or any off campus event.  If possible, students will come to the cafeteria and pick up their sack lunch as described in the Point of Service above.  However, if this option is not possible, a student list is given to the teacher along with the “And Justice for All” notice, and it is used to check off students as they receive their ordered sack lunch, including milk at the field trip location.  This list is then returned to the cafeteria and the lunches are entered into the computer.  Meals are accounted for in the student’s account using their ID number and name on the class roster to ensure proper claiming.  Meals are sent in coolers to keep in temperature.