Our Wellness Policy

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Wellness Policy

Balance is essential for any Wellness Policy. Key areas include:

  • Nutrition Education
  • Physical activity
  • Other school-based activities that are designed to promote student wellness.

Input from the public is welcome at anytime on our Wellness Policy.  Please feel free to contact the Child Nutrition Department to give your comments or if you would like to become a part of the Wellness Committee. 

All comments are encouraged as we strive to provide a healthy environment for our students and staff in the Hattiesburg Public School District.

The MS Healthy School Self-Assessment is a tool developed by the MS Department of Education Office of Healthy Schools.  The self-assessment is completed to measure how well we have implemented the Wellness Policy.

If you would like to view the most recent self-assessment please contact the Child Nutrition Department.

Please click on "View our Wellness Policy" to the left to access the wellness policy. Click the link below for an explanation of the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child approach to wellness.