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Welcome to Child Nutrition Services!


                                               EARNED INCOME TAX CREDIT INFORMATION

Based on your annual earnings, you may be eligible to receive the Earned Income Tax Credit from the
Federal Government (Federal EITC). The Federal EITC is a refundable federal income tax credit for
low-income working individuals and families. The Federal EITC has no effect on certain welfare benefits.
In most cases, Federal EITC payments will not be used to determine eligibility for Medicaid, Supplemental
Security Income, food stamps, low-income housing, or most Temporary Assistance For Needy Families
payments. Even if you do not owe federal taxes, you must file a federal tax return to receive the Federal
EITC. Be sure to fill out the Federal EITC form in the Federal Income Tax Return Booklet. For information
regarding your eligibility to receive the Federal EITC, including information on how to obtain the Internal
Revenue Service (IRS) Notice 797 or any other necessary forms and instructions, contact the IRS by
calling 1-800-829-3676 or through its Web site at

You may also be eligible to receive the California Earned Income Tax Credit (California EITC) starting with
the calendar year 2015 tax year. The California EITC is a refundable state income tax credit for low-income
working individuals and families. The California EITC is treated in the same manner as the Federal EITC
and generally will not be used to determine eligibility for welfare benefits under California law. To claim the
California EITC, even if you do not owe California taxes, you must file a California income tax return and
complete and attach the California EITC Form (FTB 3514). For information on the availability of the credit
eligibility requirements and how to obtain the necessary California forms and get help filing, contact the
Franchise Tax Board at 1-800-852-5711 or through its Web site at



Again this school year, Lincoln Unified school cafeterias are meeting State & Federal nutrition standards for
school meals, ensuring that our meals are healthy and well-balanced and provide students the nutrition
they need to succeed in school.  Now is a great time to encourage your children to choose school breakfast
and lunch.  

School Meals offer students milk, fruits, vegetables, proteins and grains.  They must meet strict limits on
saturated fat, sodium and calories.  In school year 2018-2019, school breakfast & lunch will continue to
meet standards requiring:

                               * Age appropriate calorie limits

                               * Fat-free or 1% milk  (flavored milk must be fat-free)

                               * A wide variety of fruits and vegetables

                               * Whole grain products

As we continue to implement State & Federal meal regulations, students are still required to select
at least a 1/2 cup serving of fruit and/or vegetable with both their breakfast & lunch meals.  

As food costs continue to rise, it is necessary for us to increase our full-price meals to $2.60 at all
K-8 sites and $3.10 at Sierra Middle School, Lincoln High School and Village Oaks High School
 This increase will help us to continue to bring new delicious and nutritious entrees, fruits &
vegetables to our students.  Please be sure to check our menu each month as we will be adding new items
all year long.  

We strongly encourage families to complete an application for free/reduced meals.  After August 1st, this
can be done here on our website by clicking on the "Meal Applications" tab.  Applications are also accepted
at the Child Nutrition Services offices at 6225 Harrisburg Place, Suite A, Stockton, CA, and of course at
your school office.  

Please let us know if there are any special dietary needs necessary and so we can best accommodate
those needs.


                                                      Good Nutrition And Learning Go Hand In Hand.

The Nutrition Services department is made up of a team of food and nutrition professionals that are
dedicated to students' health, well being and their ability to learn.  We support learning by promoting
healthy habits for lifelong nutrition and fitness practices.  

Giving students the opportunity to make healthy choices regarding nutrition is an important part of their
education. Every day, students will be offered a variety of entrees and many choices of fruits, vegetables,
whole grain products and milk from which to choose at mealtime.

We are committed to offering a wide variety of healthy foods to our students while complying with all 
nutrient and menu standards as well as program standards set by state and federal agencies that govern
the National School Lunch & National School Breakfast Program.  We hope to broaden the student's
knowledge of what is available locally and expose them to foods they may not have considered previously.
It is also our goal that each student will truly enjoy the meals offered while gaining their nutritional benefit.

Meals, foods and beverages sold or served at schools meet state and federal requirements which are
based on the USDA Dietary Guidelines.  

Again this school year students must take a 1/2 cup serving of fruit/vegetable with every breakfast & lunch
meal.  We will provide a variety of fruits, vegetables and 100% juices to help students make healthy and
delicious choices for their meal.

We hope each of you have a truly successful school year.