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The Hemet Unified School District's Wellness Policy recognizes the link between student health and learning.  It is a coordinated school health system that includes health education, physical education and nutrition education.

It was developed with input from a variety of parents/guardians, teachers, students, food service professionals, school administrators, board representatives and members of the public.

Each school has a site Wellness Committee, one member of whom serves on the District Wellness Committee. These committees provide support and guidance for implementation of the Wellness Policy.

School staff, parents, guardians and other members of the school community are encouraged to aid in strengthening the link between student health and learning by understanding the policy and modeling a healthy lifestyle.

District curriculum for health, nutrition and physical education is based on California standards and frameworks.

Board Policy - Foods Available at School

Foods and beverages available to students at district schools should support the health curriculum and promote optimal health.

Nutrition standards adopted by the district for all foods and beverages sold to students, including foods and beverages provided throughout the district’s food service program, student stores, vending machines, fundraisers, or other venues, meet or exceed state and federal nutrition standards. Organizations are encouraged to use non-food items or healthy foods where appropriate, for fundraising.

Staff are encouraged to avoid the use of non-nutritious foods as a reward for students’ academic performance, accomplishments, or classroom behavior.

Parents, guardians and other volunteers are encouraged to support the district’s nutrition education program by considering nutritional quality when selecting any snacks which they may donate for occasional classroom parties, and by eliminating foods or beverages that do not meet nutritional standards and are not commercially prepared. Classroom parties or celebrations shall be held after the lunch period, and no more frequently than once per month.

 For our complete Wellness Policy Documentation, click the link below.